Begin Your Day with REST, not CAFFEINE

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When I developed the habit of waking up early for prayer, it didn’t start with simply waking up early. It was about going to sleep early. I had to change the time I went to sleep if I wanted to keep my habit of waking up early for devotions. Otherwise, I knew it would not last for more than a few weeks without my body crashing.

God wired our bodies in a such a way that they need to sleep at night so they can function fully during the day . When I was a teenager, I heard John Bevere talk about how if you want to spend time with the Lord in the mornings, you must go to sleep before 10 p.m. In fact, he said that any minute after 10 p.m. you don’t spend sleeping is the time you are robbing from Jesus. That hit me like a ton of bricks. My goal is to honor my appointment with Jesus every morning. The price I pay is that I have to go to sleep early. I always say that my prayer time does not start in the morning, it starts at night.

Without getting a good night sleep, you won’t be able to have a good prayer time, or be fully awake during the day. I am pretty sure that’s not new for you.

God doesn’t want us to run on caffeine but on a good night’s rest. In fact, in Genesis, God measured a day from evening to morning. “God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day‚” (Genesis 1:5)Practicing Jews observe the Sabbath beginning at sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday. In God’s Word, the day begins with rest.

Today, many of us begin our day with coffee. In God’s world, your day has to begin with a good night’s rest.

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    1. Hi. Lebo, everyone is different, my way is not the right way for everyone but its what works for me at this season of my life. I try to start it around 5am. It helps me to focus more and I am early person.

  1. Question on this- first off what if prayer time is at night for a few hours? Second off, I am a mother of three and my times can go all over the place and make it difficult for me to wake up in the morning. When I was a teen in school I always woke up extra early to spend time with God. But after getting married and had kids and have a evening job, my mornings are so off. So I aim praying at night. Also, bible study and prayers can literally run till midnight to 1, 2 am, yes services could run 5 hours services. Are mornings than important above all that? Or is the goal to simply have a quality time.

    1. No there is no magic in mornings. It’s about finding time in the busy seasons of life. Seems like you got a good thing going. God bless u as u pursue Jesus.

  2. Pastor Vlad, I think you should change the title of your book to Identity and Sexual Misconceptions. Because it covers more wider wisdom and topic. There is more to the book than the title you gave it. Happy Birthday to you.

  3. Plz Help Do We Celebrate Sabbaths? or Was It All Done Away With The New Covenant ? Isn’t. are Rest in Are Savior Jesus Christ Daily ?

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