The Bird Is After The Book

Information About The Bible

The Bible was written over a period of 1600 years, in over a dozen countries, in 3 continents by 40 authors in 3 different languages. 

It was written by poets, prophets, farmers, kings, soldiers, shepherds, princes, priests, historians, fishermen, tax collectors, scholars, businessmen and doctors. 

The Holy Bible was written in caves, ships, palaces, prisons and deserts.

The Bible is not outdated as many people think. It is still the most-read book in the world. The Bible is still the best-selling book in the world. If it is outdated, why do people get killed for it? Why do people’s lives get changed by reading it? Why are there so many attacks against it, unlike any other book?

What The Bible Says About The Bible

Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit.”

No other book is living. No other book has power or life inside it. I have a book. It can impact your life but it has no life inside it. My book is impactful but has no power inside it. The Bible is the only book in the world that has life and power inside it. 

If you are looking for power in the occult, crystals, ouija boards and so on, they are counterfeit, dirty powers. There is only one good, clean, holy power that builds your life and God says His book, The Holy Bible, contains it.

Some of us are not looking for power, we are looking for life and God’s Word has both.

2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

Inspiration here does not just mean it is an inspiring book. There are many inspiring books. This means all Scripture is God-breathed. God breathed into the Bible in the same way when He made man out of the dirt and then breathed into him and man became a living being. 

Anything God breathes into carries life, creativity, and power.

The Bible has the same breath of God inside it, which means, when you read it, you are inhaling what God exhaled. Inhale the breath of God by reading the Bible and it will give you joy, and peace, and make you at rest. 

God’s breath is inside God’s Book.

Quotes On The Bible

Don’t say that God is silent when your Bible is closed. 

Complaining about a silent God with a closed Bible is like complaining that no text messages are coming through with your phone turned off.

When in doubt, pull your Bible out.

“When you open your Bible, God opens His mouth.”

Mark Batterson

If you want to hear God, get near His Word.

“The Bible will keep you from sin and sin will keep you from the Bible.”

D. L. Moody

“If you are ignorant of God’s Word, you will always be ignorant of God’s will.”

Billy Graham

The Bible Is The Bread That Feeds

The Bible is the bread that feeds.

Exodus 16:4, “Then the LORD said to Moses, “Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you. And the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day, that I may test them, whether they will walk in My law or not.”

It is similar to the manna which Israel received in the Old Testament. When they came out of Egypt, God rained bread from Heaven every day. The Bible is also from God, from Heaven. God didn’t give manna to be looked at but to be eaten. God’s book is not for you to keep on your shelf but so that you can spiritually feed yourself.

The Bible says they had to gather their manna every day. God made the manna and He makes the Bible available but you have to gather it. You have to open the pages of the Bible every day and begin to feed yourself. For those of you who only rely on Sunday mornings, you are spiritual infants. If you are a believer, learn to feed yourself. 

I want you to notice in the next few chapters, manna was despised by the people. I find it interesting in the same vein that Christians are the ones who tend to despise God’s Word and feel they have outgrown their need for the Bible as if there is nothing new in it.

The Bible Is Living

The Holy Bible is alive which means every time you read it, there is something new. If you are a spiritual baby, it is milk for you. When you grow up spiritually, it becomes your meat – the same Bible. It changes for you. Nothing changes in the Bible itself but new things begin to speak to you and feed you because it is living and powerful.

I have many books in my library and I visit books but I live in the Bible. No other book comes close to what this means for me as a Christian. 

For those who are heavily into self-help books, who want to learn how to be a great spouse, successful businessman, and so on, all other books can tell you what to do but only the Bible can give you the power to actually do it.

I want to challenge you to make a switch this year: Stop treating the Bible as an outdated, old book because it is not. There are poems, and historic, and scientific elements but the core of the Bible is Spirit and life. 

Bread Feeds Us

Spiritually, the Word of God feeds our spirit. When you are not a Christian, you don’t understand that. The reason is that your spirit is dead to God. This means your spirit doesn’t need to be nourished or fed because it is dead. We don’t feed dead people. Only living people have hunger. Dead people don’t have hunger. 

If you are in the place where you feel the Bible is just not your thing, I would question if you are really living. Maybe you have neglected your spirit so much that it is struggling, hurting and malnourished. 

Begin To Be In God’s Word

The majority of Christians do not have a Biblical worldview. That is why they support abortion and think like the world. They talk like a Christians but think like the world because only the Word of God can change how you think. We need to change the way we think and embrace the world view of the God of the Bible, instead of the news and media.

The Bible Is The Seed That Brings Fruitfulness

The Bible is the seed that produces fruit.

Usually, you don’t eat most seeds, you plant them. You also don’t plant bread and hope to get a tree. You plant seeds in the soil with one purpose – to produce something bigger than itself.  The Word of God is not only to sustain you but also to make you successful. 

Matthew 13:8, “But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop; some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

Seeds did not yield seeds. The Bible is not given to make you religious but to make you fruitful, effective, and useful. In fact, Jesus has a problem with the soil which causes the Word not to produce success. The Bible is not only given to keep you spiritually fed, but it is also to keep you practically fruitful. 

When your mind is fruitful, there is peace. When your relationships are fruitful, they will have peace, instead of drama and when your heart is fruitful, it is not full of anxiety and depression.

King David said, “Your Word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119:11).

There Is Success In God’s Word

Joshua 1:8, “This book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night that you will make your way successful and you will have great success”.

God’s Book wasn’t given to Joshua to make him religious but to make him effective.

Some still claim the Bible is outdated. Really? Husbands love your wives – is that outdated? The peace of God that passes understanding – is that outdated? You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free – is that outdated? The meek shall inherit the earth – is that outdated? Of course not! It has seed power. Seeds have the potential to make a forest. That means God’s Word has the potential to take you from failure and make you a success. God’s Word is sent to make you great in life. 

The Devil Is The Bird

The devil hates us being successful. He hates Christians becoming successful. Look at what the Bible says he does when the sower went out to sow. To make it clear, Jesus told us that the bird is the devil. What did the bird do?

Matthew 13:4, “And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them.”

The devil knows that once the Word takes root in you, it will produce fruit through you. He cannot stop that. God’s Word cannot be stopped. So he can do is stop it from getting inside you. Once it is inside, it will bear fruit. If he can stop it from getting inside us, he becomes successful. If you are not reading the Bible, the devil is already in your business and you already fell for a trap.

Whatever excuse he used with you might be different from the ones he uses with me but once we fall for one of them, he steals the seed. Now, the devil doesn’t eat God’s Word like a normal bird eats seeds. He lives off you not getting the seeds planted in your heart. We empower the enemy when we don’t feed ourselves. When you don’t feed your soul, you empower evil spirits. When you don’t feed your spirit, you empower your anxiety, depression, and lust. Don’t feed the bird, feed yourself.

The bird is after the book. The devil gets stronger when you don’t get fed by the Word. Our lives cannot have God’s kind of success if His Word doesn’t take root in us.

How To Get The Bible Inside You

Read It

Matthew 12:3, “But He said to them, “Have you not read what David did when he was hungry, he and those who were with him”.

Jesus expected people to read the Bible.

In an average American household, 87% have a Bible but only 11% actually read the Bible. 30% of people surveyed in the United States have read no more than several passages or stories. 

Some say they don’t understand the Bible – find a translation that you do. There are devotional Bibles that are translated like paraphrases of thought: The Living Bible, The Message Bible, The Passion Translation. Thought-for-thought devotional Bibles include New Living Translation and New International Version. Then there are deeper Study Bibles: New King James Version, ESV, and other translations. Your goal is not to be a scholar but to be a disciple. Our desire is to understand what it says.

The desire to read the Bible comes from reading the Bible. This is where you get the desire, not at the altar. Open the Bible, start reading it, and then the desire for it comes. Don’t wait for the desire. Choose to read the Bible and the desire will come. Similarly, the desire to pray comes from praying, not from not praying.

Listen To The Bible

Romans 10:17, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

If faith comes by hearing, I wonder what else comes by hearing. Hate comes by hearing because we listen to gossip. Fear comes by hearing because we listen to negative news. So not only should we read the Scriptures, but we should also listen to the Scriptures. Biblical authors actually wrote the Scriptures with the intent of them being heard, not read. In the Old Testament, the law was supposed to be read in front of the people. In Apostle Paul’s epistles, he says to read it to the church and to other churches. If you are only reading the Bible and not listening to it, you are missing a component of how it can get into your life. 

Today, we focus more on feeling better than being better. That you feel better doesn’t mean you are going to be any better. We listen to worldly, filthy songs full of curse words and perversion and excuse it by saying, ‘I don’t listen to the lyrics; I just like the beat’. Then we wonder why we are depressed, angry, or lustful. I challenge you to clean out your music library and ask against each track not is this popular but is this glorifying God. Everybody else is flowing with the stream; you are not supposed to be a dead fish as a Christian. 

If you are one of those people who say they don’t like the Bible, remember appetites develop with time. This is how people become numb today with cuss words. Let us purify our ears, purify this gate, and don’t allow garbage to come inside us. 

Meditate On The Bible

Psalm 1:2, “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law, he meditates day and night.”

The Bible mentions the idea of meditation on the Word 23 times, 19 of those times are in the Psalms. All of us know how to meditate. If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate. If you know how to rehearse a conversation in your mind, you know how to meditate on God’s Word. 

I want to highlight meditation because, in our culture, it is being hijacked by people who propagate New Age practices, where it is presented alongside yoga to help you deal with your anxiety. Christian meditation is different. Christian meditation fills your mind. Eastern and I will go as far as to say demonic meditation empties your mind. 

How do you get the air out of a cup? You have to fill it with water. The only way to get rid of anxiety and negativity is to fill and replace it with something else. 

Eastern meditation is passive; all about calming yourself. Biblical meditation is aggressive, it is about taking thoughts captive; it is warfare. It also opens the door to the Holy Spirit. All other meditation exposes you to demons. With Biblical meditation, you get God’s peace and joy. 

Eastern meditation is about detachment from everything. Christian meditation is about attachment to God’s Word, commandments, and Spirit. There is a world of difference. 

Memorize Verses From The Bible

Matthew 22:29, “Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures not the power of God.”

Jesus called the Pharisees ignorant of the Bible because they had not learned it or memorized it. Jesus Himself quoted the Old Testament at least 60 times. In His battle in the wilderness (Matthew 4), He didn’t have a Torah scroll he was flipping through to quote. You have to know the Bible by memory. You don’t have to learn all of it but start with a verse. It could be John 3:16 or any other. Let me give you a habit: one verse a week. Put it on your bathroom door, car, fridge, and on your phone screen saver.

Obey The Bible

This is the hardest one. Every other step leads to this one.

Matthew 7:24, “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock”.

Someone who builds their house on the rock is someone who reads, hears, meditates, memorizes, and then obeys the Bible.

The biggest problem with Bible study is not a failure to understand a passage but a failure to apply the Word of God we do understand. 

If you memorize the verse husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church, and you memorize it in Hebrew and Greek and have it placed all over your house but don’t actually love your wife, you have missed the point. 

Is the Bible your church snack or your meal? Snacks don’t keep us alive but are just something that keeps us from getting too hungry, once in a while. Don’t make the Bible your snack, make it your meal.

Ponder This

If you had fed your body the way you fed your spirit in the last 12 months, would you be here today? Some of us don’t fast physically but we fast spiritually. Remove whatever you need to get out of your soil which is acting as thorns and rocks, so the seed of the Word of God can penetrate. When the seed grows, let it decide what else is allowed in your life. Let those distractions go out of your life for a time. It could be entertainment subscriptions, music subscriptions, and so on.

I don’t just want you to be a part of a demon-slaying church, a praying and fasting church but a church where our families and children are in God’s Word. The world is after our children. It wants to indoctrinate and brainwash them from a tender, young age. God’s Word is for your children. If they can eat bread, they can eat the Word of God. They deserve it.

Sermon By Vladimir Savchuk; Blog By Edward Gardiner

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