Breaking the Chains of Social Media

As a part of this new generation we are saturated by Social Media. We base our standards and sometimes our expectations on Social Media. Media harms our Mental Health and pushes us a step back from God. Strongholds form from the impossible expectations placed on us by Social Media. I pray that these points allow you to find confidence in our creator and find inner peace.

Media Literacy: the ability to understand, critique and analyze media.

  1. Social Media Harms our Mental Health

Our society does not analyze Media nor understand the damages Media causes to our mental health. In an social experiment done by George Gerbner he places children of 7-10 years of age in a two rooms. In one room there is a video playing of an adult beating a doll. In the other room there is a video of an adult being kind and loving on the doll. After watching the video the children were placed in a room with the same doll alone. The children who watched the violent video beat the doll and the children who watched the loving video loved on the doll and hugged it. This is called Social Media Theory what we see on Media we are influenced by. So when we are on Social Media and we see these beautiful models and begin to feel insecure it is because we feel the need to look that way. The enemy uses Social Media to set our standards to believe we have to look like what society portrays. The standard of Social Media is unreal and untrue because our God said we are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE. We do not need to find confidence in social approval because the Lord is our confidence. Social Status does not define your worth the light inside you does.

For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught. – Proverbs 3:6

2. Base Your Standards by The Word

Social Media likes to tell us how were supposed to look as well as how our lives are supposed to be. We begin to believe these standards and become a copy of the world. As Christians we have the chance to live differently and be unique and still please our God. We are told now that it is unrealistic to expect a happy marriage and monogamy. That is impossible to stay modest and still be beautiful. Basing our expectations by what the world says we will find ourselves empty. The Lord gives us an instruction manual to happiness while the world gives us a self-destruct button. We are blessed to have such a good God who never lets us down, who wants to see our lives become beautiful. A God who tells us we are not like the world but we are like Christ. Have faith in the Word and in God and you will never be let down.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. – Psalm 119:105

3. Be Aware of the Enemy

Be aware of the false expectations and base your expectations on God. As the thoughts start rising up and you begin to compare yourself to the world causing you to feel like you are not beautiful remember that everything the Lord makes is marvelous and He made you. When the Devil tells you you’re always going to be lonely remember that the Lord lives in you.

Be able to step away from Social Media and spend time with the Lord. I encourage everyone who reads this to fast Social Media for at least 3 days. You will see how your chains begin to fall off your mind and how the dependence on Social Media evaporates. Instead of scrolling on Instagram start to read your bible, you’ll see how much peace your mind have.


Lord I adore you and worship you, I pray that you break the chains off my mind that Social Media has placed and that I find confidence in you and not in the world. I pray that every stronghold on my mind will be broken and I declare freedom in Jesus mighty name!

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