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Wild Anointing

God doesn’t use you, He anoints you! In this message Pastor Vlad explains what the anointing is for and how

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Deliver and Disciple

Jesus ministered to the masses but multiplied with intentionality! We must be ready to do deliverance but also effectively disciple!

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Featured image for 'Private Victory'

Private Victory

Before you defeat Goliath you have to battle the bear! Check out this sermon where Pastor Rikhard Hartikainen explain how

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Deliverance is Real

Learn the reality of deliverance as Pastor Edward Gardiner brings the message and shares his own deliverance testimony!

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Break the Cycle

Learn how the Devil gains access to your life and how you can stop demonic infiltration in your life! In

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Featured image for 'Deliverance is Dangerous'
Featured image for 'Deeper Deliverance'

Deeper Deliverance

Apostle Alexander Pagani shares a message about the depths of deliverance and how you can dive deeper into your own

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Featured image for 'Keep Satan Out'

Keep Satan Out

There is spiritual warfare going on around us – it is unseen but it is often felt in different aspects

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Dangerous Authority

Do you know your SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY?Casey highlights the authority and power that you carry as a child of God. This

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The Believers Arsenal

Jacob shares an incredible message about the believer’s arsenal – our equipment for spiritual warfare. Listen as he goes into

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