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Divine Disruption

Get ready for God to SHIFT your LIFE! Listen as Mike Signorelli shares his testimony and an encouraging word about

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Featured image for 'Say Yes to God'

Say Yes to God

The key to being used by God is surrender. Our love for God is shown by our obedience and our

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Accept Your Reality

There are TWO realities in life: the spiritual and the physical. Your spiritual reality has the power to change your

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Living on the Fence

Listen to this message as Pastor Vlad Savchuk brings the HEAT about being lukewarm – CHOOSE A SIDE! Don’t live

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Featured image for 'At My Disposal'

At My Disposal

Have you ever wondered what God could possibly do with you? Have you felt that you don’t have anything to

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Shift in Focus

In this message, Matt Cruz talks about what focus looks like for a believer and he answers the question, “Why

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Satanic Strike

Pastor Mariana goes back to the Great Commission to fire you up again about your calling and highlights tactics the

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Shift of Seasons

Pastor Vlad continues the sermon series, “Seasons”. In this message he unpacks the reality that no matter the changes of

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