Featured image for 'The Lord Needs It'

The Lord Needs It

The sermon explores the significance of acknowledging Jesus as Lord and the transformative power of giving to the Lord. It

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Featured image for 'Growing Instead Of Getting'

Growing Instead Of Getting

In this message we learn of how God entrusts each person according to their ability. He expects us to be

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Featured image for 'Don’t Chase Money'

Don’t Chase Money

God gives the promise of prosperity “Let them shout for joy and be glad, who favor my righteous cause; and

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Featured image for 'Building Holy Habits This Year'

Building Holy Habits This Year

One thing to desire is spending time in the house of the Lord. One thing that is needed is to

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Featured image for 'Build the Kingdom'

Build the Kingdom

We are blessed to be a blessing! Learn in this message how our generosity is key to building God’s Kingdom

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Featured image for 'The Gospel of Generosity'

The Gospel of Generosity

In this message Pastor Vlad addresses what giving looks like biblically! As a Christian God wants to bless the work

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Featured image for 'Untold Truth About Tithing'

Untold Truth About Tithing

Tithing is a topic that may be controversial in today’s church.Pastors, Christians, ministers, and all sorts of people have different

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Featured image for 'Overcoming Financial Fears'

Overcoming Financial Fears

Do you have financial fears? What is the purpose of giving? Pastor Vlad shares a message that may answer questions

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Featured image for 'Two Tests of Stewardship'

Two Tests of Stewardship

What does it look like to be a good steward? God entrusts His people not only with finances but with

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Featured image for 'Staying Faithful When it’s Not Fair'

Staying Faithful When it’s Not Fair

Pastor Vlad brings a message about faith that is sure to shake up yours! He highlights what giving looks like

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Featured image for 'Partnership with God'

Partnership with God

Pastor Ilya brought a timely word, in where he spoke to the people about the provisions of God and how

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Featured image for 'Path To Your Breakthrough'

Path To Your Breakthrough

Pastor Ilya preached a message on the importance of your thoughts and how what happens in our mind when we

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