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Life in Death

Have you ever wondered why the Christian Life seems impossible to live out successfully? In this message Pastor Vlad confronts

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Sit Walk Stand

What does it mean to live out the Christian life? Check out this message where Pastor Vlad Savchuk answers this

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God Given Identity

Check out this powerful word by Pastor Zack Parkhotyuk! When our identity is not secure, we will accept anything to

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The Supernatural Life

Evangelist and ex-cage fighter, Daniel Adams, shares his testimony. Daniels shares his testimony of forgiveness, redemption, and the grace of

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Accept Your Reality

There are TWO realities in life: the spiritual and the physical. Your spiritual reality has the power to change your

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Jealous God

Isaiah brings a message that will get you on your feet – He speaks on God’s jealousy towards you! What

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Praying Church

Corey Russell from Upperroom shares a beautiful sermon about the rise of a Praying Church. Long gone are the days

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Catch Me a Fish

If you’ve ever thought you’re not good enough for Jesus, think again. Ben Fitzgerald, leader of Awakening Europe, shares the

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