Featured image for 'Kingdom Within'

Kingdom Within

This message highlights the importance of what’s within a person, emphasizing that the internal state is more crucial than external

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Featured image for 'Pray Until Something Happens'

Pray Until Something Happens

In this message Pastor Vlad explains how prayer shifts things in the Spiritual Realm and breaks the hold off principalities

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Featured image for 'Pray instead of Worrying'

Pray instead of Worrying

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has

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Featured image for 'Deliverance is Essential'

Deliverance is Essential

Deliverance is ESSENTIAL today. It was yesterday and it will be tomorrow. Listen to this message as Pastor Vlad brings

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Featured image for 'Jealous God'

Jealous God

Isaiah brings a message that will get you on your feet – He speaks on God’s jealousy towards you! What

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Featured image for 'Breakthrough is in the House'

Breakthrough is in the House

Pastor Ilya shares a word about breakthrough – it’s in the house. It’s coming! The life of John the Baptist

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Featured image for 'Praying Church'

Praying Church

Corey Russell from Upperroom shares a beautiful sermon about the rise of a Praying Church. Long gone are the days

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Featured image for 'GPS – God’s Positioning System'

GPS – God’s Positioning System

Many have asked these questions: What’s the meaning of life? What’s my purpose? What’s the will of God? After a

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Featured image for 'Fight for Freedom'

Fight for Freedom

Because Jesus fought FOR victory, we now fight FROM victory.Be an Esther in this generation. In this message, Zack shares

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Featured image for 'Saints and Soldiers'

Saints and Soldiers

Bryson shares a POWERFUL message that highlights that you are called to be a SAINT and a SOLDIER. You are

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Featured image for '3 Types of Deliverances'

3 Types of Deliverances

Does God forsake His children? Does God deliver you into the hands of the enemy? What authority do we carry

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Featured image for 'When Depression Comes'

When Depression Comes

What’s hurting when you’re in depression? What do you do if you’re depressed? Do you wish you had hope in

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