Featured image for 'Kingdom Within'

Kingdom Within

This message highlights the importance of what’s within a person, emphasizing that the internal state is more crucial than external

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Featured image for 'How Selfishness destroys a Marriage'

How Selfishness destroys a Marriage

This message gives biblical and practical steps to cultivate intimacy in marriage. It’s about choosing action over laziness. Choosing servanthood

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Featured image for 'Come Out of The Tent'

Come Out of The Tent

This message is a reminder when you are down, see the sand; when it’s dark, see the stars. When God removes

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Featured image for 'While Waiting'

While Waiting

In this message Pastor Vlad Savchuk explains 3 practical keys of waiting well! Everyone is in a waiting season at

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Featured image for 'Promise of the Father'

Promise of the Father

The Holy Spirit is the PROMISE of the Father. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is our greatest gift from

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Featured image for 'Not What I Expected'

Not What I Expected

What do you do when all hope is lost? Sometimes our expectations can lead us to disappointment. You may be

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Featured image for 'The Pursuit of His Presence'

The Pursuit of His Presence

Have you lost hope for your situation?Do you believe God can’t meet you where you’re at? Zack Parkhotyuk shares a

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Featured image for 'Walk in His Promise'

Walk in His Promise

We all have had times where we were waiting on God to fulfill a promise He gave us. Liliya Savchuk

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Featured image for 'Breakthrough is in the House'

Breakthrough is in the House

Pastor Ilya shares a word about breakthrough – it’s in the house. It’s coming! The life of John the Baptist

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Featured image for 'GPS – God’s Positioning System'

GPS – God’s Positioning System

Many have asked these questions: What’s the meaning of life? What’s my purpose? What’s the will of God? After a

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Featured image for 'Crossing Over'

Crossing Over

2020 was quite the year. Some would consider it to be one of the worst years yet. But we have

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Featured image for 'Satanic Strike'

Satanic Strike

Pastor Mariana goes back to the Great Commission to fire you up again about your calling and highlights tactics the

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