Featured image for 'Spiritual Protection'

Spiritual Protection

Just as a computer has various firewalls, so we also have firewalls to protect ourselves from spiritual attacks! Check out this

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Featured image for 'The Warfare Worldview'

The Warfare Worldview

Following Jesus means going to war not going on vacation! Check out this sermon as Pastor Vlad teaches how to

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Featured image for 'Break the Cycle'

Break the Cycle

Learn how the Devil gains access to your life and how you can stop demonic infiltration in your life! In

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Featured image for 'Modern Day Sorcery'

Modern Day Sorcery

Discover the truth behind religious drug use in modern and ancient societies! In this message Everett Roeth unveils the practices

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Featured image for 'Cosmic Conflict'

Cosmic Conflict

In this teaching Pastor Vlad explains the truth about Principalities and the believer’s strategy to defeat them! Learn what Principalities

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Featured image for 'Pray Until Something Happens'

Pray Until Something Happens

In this message Pastor Vlad explains how prayer shifts things in the Spiritual Realm and breaks the hold off principalities

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Featured image for 'Stand Your Ground'

Stand Your Ground

You may be going through a tough time. Your marriage, family, career, finances, and health may be under spiritual attack

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Featured image for 'Keep Satan Out'

Keep Satan Out

There is spiritual warfare going on around us – it is unseen but it is often felt in different aspects

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Featured image for 'Throw Tobiah Out'

Throw Tobiah Out

Pastor Vlad brings fresh revelation to a story in the Old Testament involving Tobiah and Nehemiah. He highlights the importance

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Featured image for 'Dangerous Authority'

Dangerous Authority

Do you know your SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY?Casey highlights the authority and power that you carry as a child of God. This

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Featured image for 'What does HELL Look Like?'

What does HELL Look Like?

Watch as Bill Wiese explains about his vision of hell. On November 23, 1998 Bill had an out-of-body experience which

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Featured image for 'The Believers Arsenal'

The Believers Arsenal

Jacob shares an incredible message about the believer’s arsenal – our equipment for spiritual warfare. Listen as he goes into

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