Template on Dealing With Loss

There is no way you can pass through this life without loss. Loss is not just loss of life. There are people today going through a loss in business, relationships, opportunities or in another area that feels painful and challenging. A lot of us want the tools of how to win in life but I will share with you the template of how to lose. 

Loss is not just loss of life. Share on X

In 2 Samuel 12:15-20, David had a child who was sick. He pleaded, fasted and prayed all day and night for seven days. When a problem hits your house, don’t give in to the problem. You have to know God’s will and be ready to fight. Someone came to him saying God said the child will die and he said I know but I also know that God is merciful. David’s response when he was told his child had died is the template. 

When a problem hits your house, don’t give in to the problem. Share on X

7 Steps to Deal With Loss

1. David got up from the ground. Stand in what you know, don’t lay in what you feel. Feelings change. You owe it to yourself as a Christian to stand on the foundation that Jesus has given you of His Word and who He is. 

2. David washed himself. There are things of the enemy that will stick to you when you are on the ground. If you don’t wash yourself, you will carry things into the next season of your life which should have been left in the previous season. Don’t wait for God to wash you; wash yourself with His Word. 

3. David anointed himself (Psalm 45:7). Joy doesn’t come upon you; you have to choose it. Happiness is a product of your external circumstances but joy is a product of your internal decision. God expects us to rejoice in the Lord always. 

4. David changed his clothes. Changing your clothes means to change your confession. Don’t curse your future because of your present. Whenever you are going through a difficult season, be sure to line your confession up with God’s Word. 

5. David went to the house of God. David did not come and fold his arms; he worshipped. Learn the art or worship in your warfare. Like an umbrella doesn’t stop it from raining but it stops the rain from hitting you, so worship protects you in trials. 

6. David ate. When you can’t find answers in the Bible, read it to find strength. When you are going through a loss, don’t read the Bible to find answers, read the Bible to find God. 

7. David comforted his wife. The bible did not say somebody comforted him. W follow the template for dealing with loss, you will find someone who is hurting maybe as much as you are, and God will give you the comfort to comfort them with, (2 Corinthians 1:4).  In David’s life, after this reaction to his big loss, he was given Solomon. If you handle your losses correctly, they can turn into wins. 

[This blog is written by Edward Gardiner, Sermon by Pastor Vlad]