Deliverance Is Dangerous

Beware – deliverance is dangerous. Share on X

At the beginning of the church, deliverance was normal. It was normal in the life of Christ, normal in the Apostolic age and early church. Most people do not understand that. They think that we went from the Apostolic age to nothing in terms of healing and deliverance.

One of the most dangerous statements ever uttered in the history of mankind were the words of Jesus in Matthew 4:19, ‘Follow Me’. The ragtag bunch of fishermen and tax collectors etc had no idea what they were in for. It meant they were about to hear a radical message that had never before been preached in human history.

It meant they would see Jesus walk on water, blind eyes see, lame healed, people raised from the dead and the Gospel would be preached to the poor but it also meant that eventually, ten of the original disciples would pay for it with their lives. In the first century, to be a Christian meant to be persecuted, (Hebrews 11:35).

I’m not here to warn you about physically life-threatening situations. Let me tell you what some of the dangers are that you might face:

  1. Deliverance is dangerous to your spiritual apathy – when you embrace all that deliverance stands for, you’re going to bring a radical change in how you see God and how the Christian life is to be lived.
  2. Deliverance is dangerous to your complacency to avoid claiming the promises of God. What would happen to your demons of defeat, failure, poverty and disease if you really started living in freedom financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually and following the path that this pastor and church set for you? It’s dangerous to think about.
  3. Deliverance is dangerous to your apathetic, underachieving, boring Christian life.
  4. It’s a dangerous idea to walk in God’s anointing and destiny.
  5. It’s dangerous to your lowered expectations of what Christianity is all about.

It is dangerous because some people have made friends with their demons. They don’t know how to live without their anger, rejection, depression and negativity.

You don’t know what it’s like to be free and some of you don’t want to know what it’s like to be free. It is dangerous to think about not being bound to your afflictions, negative emotions and having everybody cater to you rather than you standing up on your own in Christ, claiming His promises and walking in freedom to set an example of what being a Christian is all about.

Deliverance is dangerous because you are going to have to embrace the idea that Christians can have demons or be bound by demons. Share on X

Deliverance is also dangerous to your political beliefs.

Deliverance is dangerous because when you deal with demons, you are in another world, another spiritual reality and you see things the way they are.

My point is this: Deliverance touches every area of your life. When you start to embrace this idea of really being free in Christ, it changes the way you think about everything. Share on X

Maybe most importantly, deliverance is dangerous to how you see satan in the supernatural.

God is calling you to a life of danger, a life on the edge, a life of excitement and challenge. It’s dangerous. What are you aspiring for? What are you really after? The approbation of people, acceptance by other Christians or to be known as someone unique in the eyes of Jesus, (Luke 7:28).

If you want real success in life, with what really matters – with your family, friends, people who really know you – answer the call to minister healing and deliverance to people. I call you to a dangerous life: A life of liberation and unlimited possibilities, living on the edge of the next greatest miracle.

Leave behind a life of langer and malaise and frustration. Embrace a way of life constantly breaking free of bondages of your ancestors, predecessors and your detractors: deliverance.

The devil depends on the lack of perseverance of God’s people – our lack of determination, our willingness to be worn out, exhausted, ready to give up and giving up. It’s dangerous. Share on X

It won’t always go the way you want it to go but if you persevere, you’re faithful, incredible things are waiting on the other side. What’s most important is not the success you’ll have at deliverance but the success you’ll have with marriage, family, friends, and the things that count most in life.

I believe God has honored me for my faithfulness and He will honor you for your faithfulness. It doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be a lot of trials, some heartbreak along the way, sleepless nights. Stay the course. Stay on target. Don’t ever give up.

Sermon by Dr Bob Larson; Blog by Edward Gardiner