The Deliverance Revival

I believe it is time for the Deliverance Revival!

2 Kings 9:6, “Then he arose and went into the house. And he poured the oil on his head, and said to him, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘I have anointed you king over the people of the Lord, over Israel.’”

This was talking to Jehu, who the Lord raised up to defeat the prominent witch of his day, named Jezebel. Jezebel was only operating because of her spineless husband, Ahab. Behind every Jezebel is an Ahab. Jezebel cannot operate in the presence of strong leadership. Jehu was not a prophet. He was a military man. Jehu was not given weapons or a strategy by God; he was simply given anointing.

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In Christian circles, a common phrase of prayer to hear is ‘Lord, use me.’ When you say you use something, it implies when you’re finished with it, you are tossing it away. It is a means to an end. God anoints people because He loves them; He doesn’t use them as a means to an end. God anointed Jehu because anointing is what breaks the yoke. It is not knowledge, degrees, buildings or finances, though we are not against any of these things but only anointing breaks the yoke.

There are spiritual enemies that can only be confronted with spiritual powers and the spiritual power God gives is the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Anointing is the overflow of the life of God operating in the servant of God submitted to the will of God.

The Jehu Generation

At this hour, there is a special anointing being released on what I call the Jehu generation. There were men and women of God before us: the prophets, the apostles, men and women who raised the dead and did great exploits for the Lord. In the United States, there was a healing revival, incredible prophets, powerful outpouring of the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Azuza Street. There was a powerful repentance revival at Brownsville. At this hour, a climax is taking place.

The Jezebel of witchcraft in our generation has risen to her heights. Through her sorcery and witchcraft, and because of the vacuum, our generation of Gen Z and millennials, went into spirituality, not atheism. Whereas previous generations would reject God, reject everything to do with Jesus and walk into weird things.. Today, it embraces everything and makes religion out of everything, saying there are many ways to God, you can talk to God, you can talk to angels, have a spirit guide, look to stars or horoscopes to know your future and say that Jesus was just a good teacher. Our generation is more spiritual than any generation before us. That is an open door to witchcraft. What the Lord is doing right now is raising up young Jehus who will do what the previous guys did but also one thing more.

If you look at the previous revivals in the United States you will see one missing component in the mainline revivals and that was deliverance. God is raising up a wild generation – an unashamed, bold generation. He is pouring out His anointing on this generation to go head on against the witchcraft in our generation. God is raising a David against the Goliath. God is raising a Jehu against Jezebel and they will bring down her witchcraft. You are that generation.

Jehu was wild. When Jehu drove his chariot, people knew it was him because he drove wildly. There was something about him that was wild and unpredictable. It took the wildness to defeat the wickedness. For the wickedness, God will raise the wildness.

Anointing Makes The Difference

Don’t aim for a title in the church. Church titles are something people give to you and can take from you.

Anointing comes from God. When God gives it, no one can take it away. Share on X

You can be like Joseph and get kicked out of the house of Potiphar but they cannot take away your anointing. If you have to go to prison, you will end up running the prison like Joseph did. Every position in the church is temporary. If all you have is position, when you lose it, you feel like your world is destroyed. If you cultivate intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you carry anointing. When you carry anointing, anointing does not need a title, microphone, spotlight or camera. All anointing needs is a yoke to be broken, a sickness to be healed, a demon to be expelled and a gospel that needs to be preached to somebody.

When you are anointed, you are not going to be fighting for a position, you are going to be looking for a dark corner where you can be the light. Anointing does not need a title; it needs a problem to solve. In the anointing of Jehu, nobody gave him a position, or a throne; they simply gave him a Jezebel to throw down.

The Turnaround Anointing

2 Kings 9:18, “So the horseman went to meet him, and said, ‘Thus says the king: Is it peace?’ and Jehu said, ‘What have you to do with peace? Turn around and follow me.’” So the watchman reported, saying, ‘The messenger went to them, but is not coming back.’”

The anointing of God is so precious and important. The first thing that the anointing of God must do in this house and to have the deliverance revival is to cause people to turn around and follow God. The messenger the devil sent Jehu’s way didn’t come back. Before Jehu brought Jezebel down, whoever was sent against him, he made them turn around and follow him.

Jesus was anointed, (Isaiah 61:1-3). The first thing He was anointed to do was to preach the Good News. We need anointing to preach. Not just ability to communicate or persuasiveness because if we are not anointed to preach, we become motivational speakers. Motivational speakers have their place but they don’t cause people to repent. They can bring relief but they don’t bring repentance. The anointing brings change.

Jesus’ first message as an anointed one was repent for the kingdom of God is near. Today, the message of Jesus Christ is still the message of repentance. We must repent, be converted and follow Jesus.

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Unfortunately, what we have a lot of in our generation is people who confess they are bad but they never change and get converted. We have people come forward to an altar and pray the sinner’s prayer but they don’t turn around. How do I know that? Because there are Christians who claim to believe in God who don’t believe in absolute truth. There are Christians who claim they believe in God who say they think abortion is a woman’s right and that you can marry whoever you love. How can this be? You said you were bad but you did not get converted; you came to the front but never let yourself get discipled.

Our desire is not to count how many people got saved but to go from revival to reformation of our culture. We cannot do that unless we obey the commission of Jesus. Jesus commanded us to go into all the world, make disciples and don’t stop there but teach them – change their world view, how they think – teach them to observe everything I have commanded you.

What we have today is a result of motivating preaching. Motivational preaching produces relief, not repentance. We come to church to simply loose the burden of guilt instead of loose our life and be totally reprogrammed by the truth of the Gospel. The Bible warns us it is offensive; it is a narrow path but I would rather walk a narrow path to Heaven than in a highway to hell.

Do Not Conform To What God Calls You To Confront

Jehu was anointed. Then, Jehu went straight for Jezebel, the evil queen and confronts her. Jehu did not conform to her.

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We shall not make covenants with that which we were anointed to conquer. Stop saying your homosexual tendencies are who you are. As a Christian, it is what you are anointed to get rid of. If you are not a Christian, that might be who you are; you were born a sinner, are going to die a sinner and will burn in the lake of fire because you are separated from God. No therapy or counselling or medicine can save you; you cannot save yourself. Only Jesus can save you but the moment you become a Christian, something happens. Jesus gives you a new nature. That means you can no longer identify with your issue; you identify with your Savior.

Nobody should be conforming to your anger; you should be confronting the spirit of anger in your life. When you got saved, you were anointed to confront the Jezebel, anger, fear, addiction, depression, that generational curse or demonic spirit in your life.Stop conforming to your problem and domesticating it. Rise up and declare a war against it. The Bible says submit to God and resist the devil, (James 4:7).

Jesus has given us authority and we should be bold in using it. Jehu did not go to Jezebel’s house and ask God to send a plague to kill her. Jezebel was confronted by Jehu and taken down. Elijah and Elisha did not do that. Are you going to do that or will you keep getting people to medicate your spiritual problem. God did not give us the anointing to conform; He gave it to us to confront spiritual forces of darkness in Jesus’ name.

Jezebel Has Many Tactics

2 Kings 9:30, “Now when Jehu had come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she put paint on her eyes and adorned her head, and looked through a window.”

Jezebel will try to put a hook of intimidation into you, but when it fails, she will put on lipstick. She attacked Elijah with intimidation but she attacked Jehu putting on makeup. Elijah was threatened. She didn’t want to kill Elijah because if she did, she wouldn’t have sent a messenger; she would have sent a hitman. She couldn’t take Elijah out but only wanted to scare him.

Understand something about the enemy. When the devil threatens to kill you, he is lying. He would have killed you if he could. All he can do is try to scare you. When the devil tells you that you’re not going to make it and replays horror stories in your head, I want to remind you that his greatest tool is fear. Stop running from fear, confront fear and then keep going forward after God. Elijah ran from Jezebel because of fear. The enemy cannot take you out before God’s time if you stand in faith and walk after God.

Jezebel changed her tactic from trying to put a hook into Jehu to putting a bait in front of him. Many men of courage are a lot more aware and cautious of fear and intimidation but have their guard down against lipstick and seduction.

If you are a successful person, you have conquered trials, maybe alcoholism or addictions and have risen to the top of your career, be wary of getting overconfident. Just because you are not attacked with that which you were delivered from, it does not mean that there is no bait in front of you. Walk in the fear of God. Don’t fall prey to demonic lies and agendas.

This is why we need to have strong marriages, communities and convictions. The devil does have a plan. It is one thing to drive out demons but it is another thing to fall prey to the bait. Jezebel put that bait in front of Jehu but I love the fact that Jehu didn’t even entertain the thought.

Jezebel Couldn’t Stop Jehu; Jehu Stopped Jehu

2 Kings 10:31, “But Jehu took no heed to walk in the law of the LORD God of Israel with all his heart; for he did not depart from the sins of Jeroboam, who had made Israel sin”.

When God gets the demon out, your biggest problem is not going to be them; it is going to be you. When God removes toxic people out of your life, your biggest problem is not going to be them but you. Most of us are way better at bringing down Jezebels’ then bringing down Jehu, ourselves. Some of us are better at war then we are at our walk. Jehu did not take heed to his walk because he was so busy taking heed of his war. He was successful in his war but he was weak in his walk. How is your walk with your wife, children, health? It is a walk, not a run.

Keep yourself submitted to the Word of God so that you don’t become the cause of your fall. Share on X

Your aim is not to be a demon slayer but a disciple; not a deliverance minister but God’s child. Be a Christian who follows Jesus. Walk in the way that your walk is as good as your war. Deliverance without discipleship will lead to disappointment. Be a disciple. Join a local church. Join a small group. Submit to leadership. Prioritize accountability. The fruit of the Spirit is not God control but self-control. It is not about God controlling you but you learning to control yourself.

Let us be known as people who don’t find their identity in deliverance but in Jesus. We are disciples of Jesus Christ who do deliverance, we’re Jehus who slay Jezebels but we also know how to walk with the Lord faithfully, day in and day out. That is where the real challenge is because that is where you are motivated by your spiritual maturity instead of external pressures.

Sermon By Vladimir Savchuk; Blog By Edward Gardiner

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