Divine Disruption

Has anybody ever been in a divine disruption where you can definitively say there was my life before that moment and after that moment? A young man named Joseph was disrupted divinely by a dream.

There’s a young man, David who was divinely disrupted by a giant-sized opportunity. Then, you’ve got Jonah. Do you know how hard it is to discover you purpose? In Jonah 1, God sovereignly speaks to him directly and says go to Nineveh. You’ve got this teenager, Mary divinely disrupted by the angel messenger Gabriel who says you have found favor among women.

If you want to address that which is visible and physical, you must identify the cause and the cure to what is invisible and spiritual. Share on X

A lot of people don’t believe that demons are their problem until demons start manifesting. If all you see is what you see then you do not see all there is to be seen, (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Many of us believe we would never be a pharisee but you're a pharisee if you think you're doing the right thing but haven't received a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Share on X

Oftentimes, we need a Damascus road divine disruption. God will actually bring a divine disruption to counteract a demonic distraction.

Everything visible and physical everything that you can experience through your senses is interacting with what has been preceded, by that which is invisible and spiritual. 

1 Kings 21:21 – how many of you know that Ahab and Jezebel is also a spirit? I’m going to give you some very profound revelation. According to the Bible, the enemy is sneaky he’s compared to a serpent. Serpents do not have good eyesight so they rely on their senses. The Bible says we’re not to be ignorant of  the devil’s devices.

Ahab is saying, ‘I want you to give up your vineyard for vegetables’. In other words, I want you to give up the extraordinary for the ordinary, the God idea for a  good idea, great for good, the eternal for the temporal, the spiritual for the material, the miraculous and majestic for the mundane, God’s  provision and His blessing for just survival.

There’s this prophetic promise on your life. I believe that you were born to be fruitful. The devil loves to get us to surrender our vineyard for vegetables.

I refuse to allow my vineyard to be turned to a vegetable garden! Share on X


I refuse to allow my vineyard to be turned to a vegetable garden! I’m not going to allow the pain and trauma of my past to cancel the victorious future that He has for me! I’m not going to let my lack of financial resources and lack of knowledge cancel the future He has planned for me!

[Sermon by Pastor Mike Signorelli; Blog by Edward Gardiner]

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