Don’t Die Like A Fool – Follow Jesus Christ!

God is real; He exists and His name is Jesus. Jesus did not come to give us a holiday, He came to give us a holy life. Jesus came to give us eternal life. Jesus came to save His people from their sins and one day the issue will not be how you died but did you live your life being prepared for it – were you prepared to meet your Maker?

The Bible calls three types of people fools:

  1. An atheist fool.

The fool said in his heart there is no god. A fool isn’t a person who is uneducated or smart but somebody who ignores the basic reality of their existence. The reason a lot of us say that there is no God is because we are god of our own life.

There are many times that man have tried to become god but only one time God became man. Click To Tweet

The reason an atheist cannot find a god is the same reason a criminal cannot find a police station. There is a God; His name is Jesus.

I will give you three proofs that there is a God, not from a scientific perspective but from a pastoral perspective.

  • Creation declares there is a God. Art proves there is an artist; creation proves there is a Creator.
  • Christ is God with us – Emmanuel! History was changed to be Before Christ and After Christ. He was God, walked on the earth, walked on water, said He was God, died for it and rose three days later because of it.
  • Your conscience. Scripture reveals God put His law in the heart of every single person. You know when you do wrong, even if you were not brought up that way, like an inner compass.

2. The ambitious fool

In Luke 12:20 Jesus called this person a fool who stores up treasure for themselves but is not rich towards God. This is the man who planned for time but not eternity, thought of himself but not God and paid attention to his body but not his soul.

When you only pamper, promote and protect the part of you that will live to about 80 years and neglect the part that will live on forever in Heaven or hell, God says you are a fool.

3. The absolute fool.

In 2 Samuel 3:33-34, Abner died at the gate of the city of refuge. He was a condemned man but thought if he did more good than bad and had good connections, he would escape his judgment.

Jesus Christ is our city of refuge.

The Bible says any sinner, no matter what you have done, even if you committed abortion, murder, fornication, abuse – whether victim or perpetrator, there is enough blood to wash away your sin, there is enough grace to restore you to God… Click To Tweet

Jesus is like one of the six cities of refuge because they were provided by God, had power to save and keep you safe. Jesus Christ is better than the cities of refuge because you still had to get to them. If the avenger of blood was faster than you, he could strike you down on the way but Jesus Christ says, ‘You don’t have to get to Me, I can get to you; all you have to do is call upon Me and ‘those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved’. I can come into your situation, problems, location, call upon My name and I will save you’.

In Luke 2: 26, Simeon said I am not dying until I see Christ. Today, I am not presenting you baby Jesus; I am presenting you the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Don’t die before you embrace Christ. Then you can say with Simeon, ‘Lord now I can live and die in peace because I have seen your salvation. I have received Your gift of salvation and my sins have been forgiven’.

Don’t die like a fool, die like a forgiven man because you choose to live embracing Jesus Christ. Click To Tweet

God has made salvation so easy.

Are you a fool, gambling with tomorrow, gambling with eternity? It is time to make the most important decision you will make in life – the decision to embrace Christ and turn your condition of trying to get better living this life to surrendering your whole life to Jesus.

An atheist fool says there is no god. An ambitious fool says I don’t have time for God. An absolute fool says I know better than to live my life not seeking redemption from Jesus but I’m just going to take my chances. Click To Tweet

Salvation Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner, please forgive me of all my sin and wash me with Your blood. I believe You are the Son of God who died on a cross for all my sin. I surrender my life to You. I give up trying to change myself. I believe You can give me a new heart. Remove all my guilt. Set me free. Fill me with Your Spirit. Make me Yours. I belong to Jesus! In Jesus’ name!

Sermon by Pastor Vlad Savchuk; Blog by Edward Gardiner