Draw Near To God

1. Drifting To Drawing

You cannot have intimacy with God without being intentional. This means everything we do has meaning and should be done with a purpose. Otherwise, we will continue to drift from point to point without every drawing nearer to God.

To draw near to God, it requires an intentional change in your feet, hands, heart, and mouth. This includes being intentional in where you go, what you do, what you believe in your heart, and what you speak with your mouth. All four areas have to agree to move in the right direction.

Similarly, you do not fall in love with God; you choose to walk with God in love. God is not a ditch you fall into by accident but He is a person you have to cultivate a strong relationship with.

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2. Condemnation To Conviction

One of the main works of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer is His power to convict our hearts of sin, righteousness and judgment.

  • Conviction is specific. Condemnation is general.
  • Conviction attacks an issue; condemnation attacks your identity.
  • Conviction give you hope; condemnation makes you hopeless.
  • Conviction leads to repentance; condemnation leads to remorse.
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3. Concealing To Confessing

Grace empowers holiness. Click To Tweet

4. Guilt To Grace

Guilt makes you try harder; grace makes you train better. Click To Tweet

5. Feeling To Feeding

Here are some differences between the logos and the rhema Word of God.

  • Logos is the Scriptures as a whole; rhema is a portion of that Scripture made alive by the Holy Spirit for a particular situation. 
  • Logos is what God said; Rhema is what God is saying.
  • Logos, the written Word of God, is the basis of faith, the foundation of our doctrinal belief.
  • Rhema, God’s specific spoken Word, is Heaven’s approval to move in the supernatural.