Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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The air is getting freaky. The days are getting shorter. Halloween is around the corner. Americans are expected to spend $9.1 billion on Halloween. Costumers will spend $86.13 on average to gear up. According to World Book Encyclopedia, “Halloween developed from an ancient pagan festival celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago in the area that is now the U.K., Ireland, and Northern France. The festival was called ‘Samhain’ (pronounced SOW ehn), which means ‘summer’s end,’ and it marked the beginning of the dark winter season. It was celebrated around Nov. 1. In the ninth century, the Catholic Church established a new holiday‚ All Saint’s Day, also called All Hallows. ‘Hallow’ means ‘saint’ or ‘one who is holy.’ The evening before All Hallows was known as All Hallow’s Eve, which was eventually shortened to Halloween.”

The founder of the church of satan, Anton Szandor LaVey, who is now deceased said, “Two major holidays, HALLOWEEN and Walpurgisnacht are celebrated by the Church of Satan. I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year. Welcome to Halloween.” Wiccans celebrate 8 holidays. Most important one is Samhain (Halloween). Those who practice voodoo and other witchcraft see this event as sacred. What Easter and Christmas are to Christians, Halloween is to the occult world.

After seeing people get delivered from demons on a regular basis and the damage demons cause to people, I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind can celebrate that.

Why don’t I celebrate Halloween? Because it…

  1. Promotes fear. As Christians, we celebrate faith. We are believers. We belong to the household of faith. We have a spirit of faith. We have the gift of faith, and are called to live lives of faith! Perfect love casts out fear, not celebrates it!
  2. Promotes darkness. Jesus is the light of the world. We are called to be a light to this world. The Word of God is Light. Nothing about Christianity is darkness! Heaven will never be overshadowed by night.
  3. Promotes death. The only death we remember is Jesus’. It defeated the grave and death. We believe in the cross, not a skull!
We don't celebrate Halloween because it promotes fear, darkness and death. We celebrate faith, light and life. Click To Tweet

If we imitate the world, we lose our distinction; if we isolate from the world, we lose our influence. Christians need to engage the culture if we expect to make an impact but the Bible is clear about not conforming to our culture.

If we imitate the world, we lose our distinction; if we isolate from the world, we lose our influence. Click To Tweet
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Former Satanist on Halloween

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This blog was written by Vladimir Savchuk.

Pastor Vlad is the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, an author of “Break Free” and “Single, Ready to Mingle” and a founder of free online school “Vlad’s School.” To download free e-books, sermon series, small group study guides go to

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  1. I wish you would have defined celebrate. If it is simply dressing up, do you oppose Christmas and Easter or Valentine’s Day? Many of our holidays and holiday traditions began as pagan festivals.

    1. I guess in light of its origins, and what it represents, what occult world says about this holiday, by celebrate I mean “participate”. It’s true some of our most celebrated holidays had origins in paganism but we celebrate them for what they represent. Some people choose to host harvest parties or festivals on 31st of October with goal to reach their community.

      1. Thanks for your article and your response. I despise the celebration or even the acceptance of evil. I wish Christians would combat evil with the same passion every other day as they seem to have for Halloween.

        I appreciate churches providing an alternative to Halloween with the Gospel message. Some cannot seem to differentiate between the two.

  2. Pastor. I’m in total agreement with you. We as Christians should spend Halloween praying against the enemy and fast, as well. Thank you, Molly Greeno

  3. I recently shared on Facebook that as a believer not to celebrate Halloween because of what it represents. The responses I got was: well prepare to get your house egged.
    The world is so lost. Sometimes I wish they can see into the Spirit realm to see the reality of these kind of festivals.
    I am moving to Ireland soon and luckily not so big here in South Africa. Not like the people and children go from house to house and trick or treating. Here they just have what you call Halloween parties. I know in Ireland it is a different story all together.
    There are so many Christians here that don’t see the harm in celebrating Halloween. But the Word of God clearly indicates that we shall turn from evil and not conform to the patterns of this world. The ruler of this world (satan and his cohorts) have free range unless we as believers reject and repel them. If you as a believer celebrate Halloween it opens doors and gives the enemy legal right to attack. So don’t do it! Said with much love.

  4. You are so right, Pastor Vlad, we conform so much to the world we actually think it’s the right way, We all need to renew our mind. This whole thing about Halloween is about what we’ve been taught in America. For us to change it we must deliver the gospel to everyone. Definitely we need preachers teaching about Halloween and not replacing it with “Trunk O Treat”. Keep preaching the Good News. If we go along with the program because the world says we are intolerant, or we don’t love, it is the total opposite, we do not love souls if we tolerate this behavior and definitely do not love them if we are not telling them the truth.

  5. Thank you for this message. Unfortunately, I see a lot of Halloween in churches when they decorate and offer candy to children. When I challenge my Christian friends with similar points you have, I get “what if I just dress into a character from the bible”, “it’s just candy”, “it’s only for fun – we dont mean anything evil”. I just pray that Holy Spirit helps them in this. Another thing that I believe misleads Christians is that they often rely on the opinions of popular preachers like John Piper or Matt Chandler who do not oppose participation in Halloween activities. Finally, I do believe it confuses our children. They will grow up and understand what this day is rooted in. It is essentially teaching them to take “good” from it (candy, fun) and leave out the rest. They will grow up and apply same logic to other concepts including bible teachings (e.g., I accept God’s forgiveness of my sins, but I will leave out the repentance out). I know it might be hyperbolic analogy but I would not be surprised of something like that happen. Bottom line is in Luke 16:13 “Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.

  6. Thank you Pastor Vlad. I didn’t do any research about Halloween but my spirit man tells me it is nothing, but a cleverly designed festival of satan and his followers. I believe one of the entry points of demons is our eye or our sight. With the images paraded on this demonic holiday, I don’t think about Halloween least to talk of celebrating it. My children are not fans of evil sights, so celebrating such satanic holiday is out of the question. Thank you Pastor for educating us.

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