10 Ways to Receive Your Healing

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Healing is mentioned 138 times in the Bible. 1/5 of Jesus’ ministry was healing. One of God’s names is “The Lord who heals” Exodus 15:26, and so, therefore, it is God’s nature to heal. Healing is not just something God does, its Someone He is. He is the Healer. Therefore, our faith is not in healing but in the Healer. It’s also Jesus’ desire to heal. He leper came and asked, “If You willing, You can make me clean?” Jesus replied, “I am willing”. (Reference Luke 5:13). Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever the same. He is still willing today to heal. The most important reason we believe in healing is because Jesus bore our sin along with our sickness on the cross. Matthew 8:16-17. Therefore, sickness is illegal in our body.

A musician does not play the piano to prove that he has fingers, although playing piano proves that he has fingers. The musician plays the piano because he loves music. Jesus does not heal just to prove that He is God, He heals to reveal that He is good.

And said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26

One of the most powerful verses on healing and divine health. First, God introduces divine health which comes from following His commandments. God’s principles bring health. Some of these principles include drinking plenty of water since your body is 70% made of water. Other principles include healthy eating, we know gluttony is a sin. Esau ate himself out of his blessing. Many people lose their destiny today because their diet is really bad. Active living is another tip for good health and restorative sleep. Remember,

Principles of the kingdom bring divine health. Power of the kingdom bring divine healing. Click To Tweet

But sometimes we can do all of that and still get sick because we live in a fallen world. Also, the world is full of demons and our bodies were born in sin. God introduces Himself to us as our Healer. This healing can come from God in 10 ways:

  1. Forgiving those who hurt us. In the parable of the unforgiving servant, Jesus shared that he was throned to torment and torturers Matthew 9:2. Even medical science connects stress to many offenses and illnesses that we develop. If you feel like you have a right to an offense, then remember, the devil has a right to hold you in bondage.
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  2. Throwing away demonic objects. When Achan brought accursed things into his tent, he destroyed 36 good soldiers, along with him and his family. Reference Judges 7:24-25. When you bring charms, dream catchers, demonic literature, demonic paintings, demonic rings and etc it’s an invitation of demons to attack your health.
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  3. Treating Gods word like medicine. He sent His word and healed them Psalm 107:20. When we take God’s word like medicine by meditating, speaking, reading, listening – it has the power to bring healing in our body. Let’s not forget it was the word of God that created our world, it’s powerful enough to change it. Like medicine, God’s word does not work unless it goes into you. Medicine does not work right away, it takes few minutes so is with Gods word, be patient its working in the invisible realm for your good. Sometimes God heals by anointing, other times by you standing on Gods promises.
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  4. Listening to testimonies. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy Revelation 19:10. Every fruit has a seed in it so that once you finish eating the fruit you can plant that seed for another fruit. The same goes with testimonies. They have the power to produce in people the ability to receive from Jesus. David relied on the testimony of his own miracles to fuel his faith for Gods miraculous intervention in his present battles. many of us forget things we should remember (like God’s faithfulness), and remember things we should forget (our past).
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  5. Coming in contact with holy objects. The first one is holy communion. If there are physical consequences to taking communion in unworthy manner (1 Corinthians 11:27-30), then there are benefits to our healing as we take the body of our Lord Jesus. The second one is anointing oil. Jesus instructed disciples to pray with it. Apostles practiced praying with anointing oil. (Reference: Mark 6:13; James 5:14-16). The third one is handkerchiefs Acts 19:12. Jesus’ clothes transferred power to bring healing. Healing comes from Jesus but at times He can use someones clothes as point of contact for His power to manifest. The last one is water. Two cases in the Bible where God used the medium of water to bring healing to someone. Reference 2 Kings 5; John 5.
  6. Prayer of faith. Faith is like the eye. It’s not meant to see itself but the object in front of it. Faith is meant to see Jesus and the finished work. When two believers join in faith looking to Jesus, God promises to release healing according to James 5:15. No matter how small our faith is, what matters is who our faith is in. Our faith can be small but our God is big. I would rather have small faith in big God and big faith in small God.
    Do you need prayer right now? We can pray for you!
  7. Atmosphere of the presence of God. The Bible says, the power of God was present to heal Luke 5:17. Sometimes there are moments in worship or during service where the presence of God comes tangibly, we should release our faith in those moments and receive our healing. In the presence of God healing is like breathing. It’s easy.
  8. Releasing of the word of knowledge. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to bring God’s glory on the scene. There are gifts of healings, working of miracles, gift of faith and gift of word of knowledge 1 Corinthians 12:8. Anytime a word of knowledge is released, faith is given to the person who receives that word of knowledge. Word of knowledge makes it easier to receive faith. It sends a powerful reminder to the person that God knows them and identified them for a miracle.
  9. Deliverance from demons. There are demons called “spirit of infirmity” and “dump and deaf spirit” and many others whose sole job is to bring sickness and disease Luke 13:12. Jesus went about healing all who were oppressed by the devil Acts 10:38. In general sickness is demonic oppression but there are cases where demon is behind the sickness and unless we cast out the devil, person will never be healed. We have to allow the Holy Spirit to help us discern the difference.
    Build your faith with some powerful testimonies of deliverance. 
  10. Making a vow. Many of the great generals of God were healed after they made a vow to serve God. Hannah received her child after she made a vow to dedicate her little boy to serve God. At times, God is calling us for a particular thing to do on this earth and we are hesitant to respond. But when sickness strikes and we say YES to God, many times God will step in and heal us to be able to use us for His purpose. It’s important that those vows are kept and not broken. As with Samson when the Nazarite vow was broken he lost his vision, freedom and even life.

I found out many people lose their healing. My question became how to keep your healing? The answer may surprise you. You keep your healing the same way you keep your salvation. When symptoms reappear, don’t accept them. Sickness is not your identity. Jesus is your identity. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, not a garbage dump for the devil. Don’t change your confession when symptoms come back. Tell those symptoms that they have the wrong address. Tell them to go back to hell where they came from. Keep declaring that you are a healthy person fighting sickness, not a sick person trying to get healthy.

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Here are few prayer points to pray for healing.

1. Son of David have mercy on me. Let Your mercy and favor speak for me.
2. The same Holy Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead quickens my mortal body. Jehovah Rapha is my covenant healer, and with the stripes of Jesus, I was and am healed.
3. Whatever God has not planted in my body, get out and be disgraced now.
4. Every agent of sickness working against my health disappear, in the name of Jesus.
5. I release miracles of healing in my body in the name of Jesus. I believe God for miracles of healing in my life and in my family wherever I go in Jesus’ name.

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This blog was written by Vladimir Savchuk.

Pastor Vlad is the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, an author of “Break Free” and “Single, Ready to Mingle” and a founder of free online school “Vlad’s School.” To download free e-books, sermon series, small group study guides go to vladimirsavchuk.com

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  1. Pastor Vlad, my son’s father-in-law is diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer, which is emotionally challenging to all of us. Peter’s health scare news came as a shock to us, which is upsetting my son, Roland, because he just lost a good friend with staged 4 liver cancer!
    The Holy Spirit led me to your healing site, where I found the most informative and divinely encouraging word of wisdom that, in doubt, give us the strength to accept God’s will for him! Thank you, so very much, for giving us the spiritual tools to help Peter heal, according to God’s will. And truly grateful for reminding us that God is our HEALER, and that sickness doesn’t belong in Peter’s body. Thank you for giving us HOPE with your 10 Healing Ways! Very grateful to God for using you to be His voice of healing, Josephine

  2. One day on a very long car ride , I smashed a nerve by my tailbone, the structure of my body was torqued and no doctor or anyone knew what was wrong. ( was a gymnast for years). It’s been 10 years now. I found out someone had put witchcraft on me and I was delivered by a envangelist pastor. But my body was not healed. I suffer daily excruciating pain, and questioned by all. I’ve done all you’ve said, but still suffer. It’s so unbearable that I don’t understand anymore why God would not help or take me home. I even died, saw heaven and came back. It’s stopping even eating, sleeping, elimination, and survival. It’s not a life to live. What do you do then,, If you’ve given him your all & no therapy or doctor or prayer seems to be able to relieve it yet, or even know why I’m suffering? They can’t see nerves, only God can. So I look to him, but suffer. I just want to feel his love again. It doesn’t feel like kindness and love that I KNOW he is!
    What do you do then?? I can’t seem to get his mercy and compassion? Waiting every day, keeping faith is so hard…..and I press in, but awake to so much pain & abuse on top of that.

    1. I understand a great deal of what you are feeling. Am suffering right now in fact, from what I think is degenerative disc disease. Been in pain beginning June 10; bad at beginning, now settling in feet. Already underwent discotomy for bulging disc on left side 30 years ago; now it is affecting right sciatic nerve, and as well the left foot which is already partially paralyzed from former injury. I am telling you all this, because my doctor has put me on Tylenol # 2s, and told me I might have to wait months for an MRI which he has ordered. I know that injections in the area with cortisone helps reduce swelling significantly, but no one is suggesting I have that. So you know what, I am waiting on God. I definitely know that God heals; I have witnessed hm heal a baby I once nursed. I witnessed him heal my daughter of a very serous condition which was fast leading to her demise. I experienced healing twice regarding horrible tooth aches. Actually felt heat emanating from a friend’s hand who had laid her hand on the side where the tooth was acting up. When the radiating heat stopped, the tooth ache had gone. I kept that wisdom tooth for several more years; I never had anymore pain in it, but my dentist said it was too far back to keep filling, so I let him pull it. I KNOW JESUS HEALS. HE HEALED A DYING BABY ONCE, I REPEAT, WHO I WAS NURSING.. HEAT EMANATED DOWN MY ARM AND INTO THE HAND I HAD LAID ON HIS LITTLE HEAD. I PRAYED FORCEFULLY, LIKE ORAL ROBERTS USED TO DO, SAYING LOUDLY “BE HEALED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST”! Nothing happened; the babe was still unconscious. But I went off duty that afternoon remembering to say over and over again, “Lord I believe, please help my unbelief”! The next morning when I went back on duty, I found the baby fully conscious. He had been ill with meningitis. GOD DEFINITELY HEALS. SO WHAT IS IT WITH HESE BACKS. THAT BABY’S BRAIN WAS HEALED, AND THE BRAIN IS ATTACHED TO THE SPINAL CORD. SO IF GOD CAN HEAL A BRAIN HE CAN HEAL ALL THE NERVE ENDINGS FLOWING FROM THE SPINAL CORD! YES HE CAN. AND WHY NOT? SO MY FREND IN CHRIST, I AM PRAYING HERE FOR BOTH OF US. I AM PRAYING THAT WE CONTINUE TO SEEK THE LORD’S HEALING PRESENCE; I FIND I AM ABLE TO DO THAT WATCHING THE MASS ON EWTN EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT AN RC. AS AN ANGLICAN I BELIEVE THAT THE BREAD AND THE WINE BECOME THE BODY AND BLOOD OF JESUS BECAUSE HE OFFERED THE WINE AND THE BREAD AT THE LAST SUPPER AS BEING HIS BODY AND HIS BLOOD. His BODY IS WHOLE; so partaking of His heavenly BODY heals my spirit first, my soul secondly, my emotions thirdly, and my body lastly. AS WELL, SOAK YOURSELF IN HOLY SCRIPTURES. I GOOGLE SCRIPTURES ABOUT HEALING, AND LISTEN TO A YOUNG WOMAN READING 50 SCRIPTURES ABOUT HEALING, WHICH BLESSES ME ENORMOUSLY. I asked a prayer group on facebook to pray for me, and nearly 300 DID THAT VERY THING: IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. BUT I STILL HAVE PAIN. WHAT IS IT ABOUT BACK PAIN? WHY DOES IT PERSIST? WHY MUST IT PERSIST? WHY DO I NOW HAVE PAIN IN MY FEET WHICH ARE NOW BOTH COMPLETELY NUMB, LIKE TWO BRICKS? I am a Christian who believes in healing and has been used by God to heal! I DO KNOW THAT JESUS LOVES YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE AND HE KNOWS ALL ABOUT YOUR PAIN––and mine–– HAVING SUFFERED UNBELIEVABLE PAIN ON THE CROSS. HIS BACK WAS TORN APART BY THOSE NINE-TAIL WHIPS THE ROMANS HAD. HE CARRIED A HEAVY CROSS ON THAT SAME TORN BACK AND DRAGGED IT UP THE HILL TO CALVARY HE DID IT FOR YOU AND FOR ME. HE DIED, BUT HIS DEATH WASN’T THE END GAME; HE ROSE UP FROM THE DEAD AND CONQUERED DEATH.. OUR BACK PAIN IS NOT THE END GAME. LET US BOTH BELIEVE THAT TOGETHER. “WHERE TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER IN MY NAME”, SAID JESUS, “I AM IN THEIR MIDST”. LETS US AGREE THAT JESUS HAS ALREADY ANSWERED OUR PRAYER AT CALVARY 2000 YERS AGO. Let us both agree to trust in His endless mercies, His endless strength, His endless willingness to heal even you and me. I will not apologize for writing this long love letter to you in Christ Jesus, because you and I are in the same boat. AND GOD HAS GIVEN US NO CHOICE BUT TO BELIEVE THAT HE WILL BRING OUR BOATS THROUGH THESE TREACHEROUS STORMS AND WHIRLING SEAS SAFELY TO THE SHORE. ALREADY I AM FEELING THE LORD’S PRESENCE DEEP WITHIN MYSELF. HE HAS ANSWERED ALL MY WHYS AND MY REASONING. HE NOW EXPECTS ME TO EXPECT HIM TO WORK A MIGHTY WORK FOR HIS FATHER’S GLORY IN BOTH OF OUR BODIES.. WE ARE BOTH GOING TO CLIMB OUT OF THIS BOAT. TOGETHER. WITH JESUS STANDING NEAR. PRAISE YOU LORD! PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME FOREVER! THERE IS NO NAME IN HEAVEN OR ON EARH LIKE THE NAME OF JESUS. WORTHY IS THE LAMB WHO WAS SLAIN TO RECEIVE ALL OUR PRAISES. WE GIVE OURSELVES TO YOU LORD JESUS, HOLDING NOTHING BACK. WE GIVE OUR ALL, INCLUDING OUR SUFFERING. WE CAST EVERYTHING AT YOUR FEET, AND THEN WE KISS YOUR NAILED-PIERCED FEET IN TOTAL SUBMISSION AND LOVE!

      1. Father I pray in agreement standing on your word , that by your stripes we are ( were) healed.
        Thank you for loving us . The glory is all yours.Amen

  3. I am dealing with kidney and high blood pressure issues. I would like to be healed completely. I do not want to go on dialysis or get a kidney transplant.

    1. May Jesus heal you quickly.
      There’s a place called butterfly express in Idaho that I gave a friend to talk to someone to strengthen her kidneys w/ natural concentrated plant oils and other things they use. They are very kind and helpful, though no medical advice given, they can tell you story’s of others siccuss’s:) May God bless you and guide you🙏 I pray you get healed ASAP!

  4. Dear Ps.Vlad I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts on both of my ovaries and they removed the one on the right side and now the left side is affected by the same thing and I’m not concieveing.please pray for me I want this cyst out of my ovaries and I’m going to conceive.

  5. Greetings Past Vlad. Am a Nigerian Gombe State. Have suffer a strange sickness within a short time last year 2020, after some series of bad dreams like some body threw a stone at my chest, animals pursuing me,dreams of dead people etc. I found myself with medical reports of High blood pressure,bladder inf,ulcer. These got me depressed,fearful,anxious,unstable etc. I went to so many hospitals for treatments, all my family finances got finished. It got to a point that I made a risk decision to stay at home and trust God for divine healing; To this point, am still confessing almost all healing scriptures, read books on faith like Late Kenneth Hagin growing faith book,heard of healing testimonies etc. So, am standing on this trusting God to show me mercy and build my faith. Please, I need your help. I also realized that God called me into ministry; Currently am coordinating a mission movement call Revival and Discipleship Mission (RDM). Our WhatsApp contact 07035430824 or 08168053247

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