Defeating the Idle Mind

What was your first reaction when the governor announced the stay-home order?

Did you get excited because you were able to stay home with your kids and rest (with the exception of essential workers), or did you begin to panic because you knew you would have nothing to do but sit at home and watch Netflix? 

I’ve been in both of these shoes – when the governor announced quarantine, I was relieved. I would be able to stay at home, rest and get things that have been pushed to the side. I was also excited to spend time with my family and to get in the kitchen and cook instead of rushing to eat before work, having time to take care of my body and go for runs, wake up early and have a peaceful morning and finally spend time with my favorite person, Jesus.

Although I had all these goals I found myself sleeping in late, spending more time on my phone than with my family and also missing my prayer life. I began to let myself go slowly, the idle mind began to take over and I found myself being miserable and feeling so defeated and upset with myself for not achieving the goals I had laid out the day before.

I began to wonder why I was constantly avoiding my goals and constantly sleeping in even on days where I didn’t need to. I began to pray and ask God why this was happening and how I could overcome it and I began to realize that the enemy was attacking me.

The enemy’s goal was to distract me and do everything possible to keep me from success and to push me into a deep depression due to isolation. I decided then and there that the enemy was not going to have a grip over my life, even if my life at the moment is spent inside 4 walls. I reminded myself of the scripture that reads:

Idle hands are the devils workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece” Proverbs 16:27

This scripture pointed out the exact reason I was feeling so defeated and miserable, I was idle and the devil knew that was his ticket inside my mind.
Here are a few ways to stay busy during this quarantine and use the devil’s weapon against him. Even though all of our plans are currently getting cancelled, Gods plans for us are still on the calendar. We have to keep going forward and have faith in His promises and use this time to become better servants of God as well as better servants of people.

1. Take Care of Your Temple

In 1 Corinthians 6:19, the Bible tells us “Do you not know that your bodies our temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;” Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, He moves in you and uses you as vessel.

It is important that we keep this vessel healthy and well cared for as a way to honor God and the Holy Spirit. This is a perfect time for us to slow down and listen to our bodies as well as make adjustments. By going on a walk or run you can keep your body in good shape and this also keeps you busy and mindful. Going on runs daily helps me feel more productive and more confident. I also listen to podcasts and sermons while running which also helps me grow with God while taking care of my temple.

Another important part of taking care of your body is to go to bed at a reasonable time to avoid oversleeping or under-sleeping. Oversleeping can actually cause major health issues due to your body not being able to start up properly. Be sure you keep your sleep schedule manageable and make enough time in the day for you to sleep enough and get things done.

2. Spend Time with God

During this quarantine, it is easy to feel isolated and lonely, but as believers we have the best company at all times which is Jesus. Right now is a perfect time to grow with God and find out what he says about you.

Take extra time to worship and pray, as well as grow in your knowledge of God. Reading books and reading The Book is a perfect way to stay busy while also growing your mind and building your character.

Some great reads I would recommend are Pastor Vlad’s Breakfree and Single, Ready to Mingle, as well as Boundaries by Dr. Cloud. All of these books are amazing and help you grow in knowledge of yourself and of how God sees you.

Finally, the most important book to read is The Book, or The Bible. It is important that we stay in the Word and build on His promises during this time.

3. Fellowship and Stay Connected

This final step is extremely important, not only for your mental health but also for overall well-being. In the Word, God tells us that it is not good for man to be alone. It is not good for us to be isolated and to be by ourselves. We need to encourage each other and build each others faith as well as calm each others fears.

I challenge every person reading this to reach out to one person today and boost their faith – you do not know the difference you would make in that person’s day, and sometimes their week. We are called to be the salt and the light of the world. We can still keep that promise while being indoors. Begin to start group calls to encourage others and share what God has placed in your heart as well as joining a Life Group to keep your fellowship strong.

Lord, I pray you keep my mind on you, although there is fear all around me, and keep me focused on your promises. I pray that you help me stay away from the idle mind and keep me close to your heart and your Word, In Jesus name, Amen.