Life Through Death

Why It Doesn’t Work

You cannot get the life of God inside of you by your efforts. It is a miracle of God where God gives you new life by putting Jesus Christ in your spirit not through human effort or means but by the sovereign, supernatural work we call salvation.

Christ in me, being seated in the Heavenly places, no more condemnation and all the benefits we read in the Holy Bible do not happen by your good efforts. God does that work. The challenge is how to transfer it out of us into the world.

The New Nature

All Christians who are born again have Jesus Christ in our spirits. We are spirits, have souls and live in a body. A Christian is not their soul, we are our spirits. When you don’t have a born-again spirit, you live out of your soul. That is where the identity confusion happens because you have to live out of your feelings.

We are a spirit. A spirit does not have a gender. That is how we are made in the image and likeness of God. Where God connects to us and deposits everything is in our spirit, not our soul. The challenge is not that I don’t have it but how do I release it? My spirit has it, my soul is in the way and then there is my body. Let us discuss the process of getting it from my spirit, through my soul into my life.

An example of this is a car in a garage. You have to open the garage doors to get the car out. The garage doors are your soul. If the soul is not dealt with, what is in the spirit stays trapped. It is present just not able to flow out. You could have a Porsche in your garage and you will take selfies with it, talk about it and even sit in it but you will never drive it outside if you are not comfortable or you are afraid of opening the garage doors. This happens to many Christians who have a supernatural life that Christ gave them in their garage but they don’t drive that life because they are not comfortable, afraid or unwilling to get their soul out of the way.

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Most of us are in love with our soul, our lives and that is keeping us from the life we dream of having it. We are not called to love our lives. Loving or obsessing over your life is restricting your spiritual life like a closed garage door.

If We Don’t Lose Our Natural Life, We Can’t Release The Resurrected Life

John 12:24-25, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”
Luke 9:23-24, “Then He said to them all, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.”

There is a difference between a funeral and farming. In farming, when a farmer plants a seed in the ground, he is losing his seed but he is gaining a harvest. When a family is burying a dead loved one, there is only loss.


The Crucified Life

When our old man was crucified, it was nailed on the cross. Jesus did not crucify your soul; He crucified your old man. Your soul is still intact. Its life is good. Nothing is wrong with it. This is all the world that doesn’t know Jesus has.

Our goal as Christians is not mental health because we are a spirit and live out of our spirit. Mental health has its place but it is not our priority. Our priority is spiritual health because the spirit dominates the soul. If you don’t have a spiritual life, you try to cater to your soul.

Jesus says here if you are a spiritual person, you belong to Me and gave your life to Me, you will have one hindrance in life and that is going to be your soul. All of the blessings, prophetic words, destiny, calling, purpose and everything God has for you is trapped in the garage of your spirit and your soul is the garage door. Jesus says if you want to live like I live, not just a natural life but resurrected life, supernatural life and abundant life, you will have to learn to use the garage door opener called the cross.

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Life Of A Disciple

A disciple is not somebody who gives up his sin for Jesus. A disciple is somebody who gives up his soul for Jesus. At the first stage, you give up your sin so you can get salvation. You grow out of believing into following, which requires giving up your soul so that the spiritual life can freely move out of your driveway.

The greatest hindrance to living the life you dream of is that you’re not willing to give up the life you have. The life you currently live is blocking the life you’ve been promised. There is a fear of giving up. If I give up my soul, I am not losing it like a funeral, I am investing it like a farmer. You are not losing it, you are sowing it.

Giving Our Life To Jesus Is Sowing

Many of us have the mindset when it comes to giving up something that it is like a funeral instead of farming. I want this mentality to shift today. Don’t be in love with your life because that would be the greatest hindrance to the life you dream of having.

When the Lord is asking for your soul, He is not trying to nail it but to sow it. The fear of losing things for Jesus should be replaced with the fear of missing out on living the life of Jesus. Jesus says you are only going to lose it if you hold onto it. But if you let it go, you’re not losing it; you are sowing it. You are not wasting it; you are investing it.

Those who love their lives don’t follow Jesus, they only believe in Him. Those who love their lives will avoid the cross at any cost and they will lose the life they seek to preserve. Ultimately, those who love their lives will miss the life they dream of having.

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That Which God Blesses Must Be Broken To Become A Blessing

Matthew 14:19, “Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to Heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes.”

Whatever Jesus blesses has to be broken to become a blessing. The idea that once God blesses you, you will become a blessing without dealing with brokenness (the garage door) is not scriptural.

The secret to seeing your destiny utilized for God is brokenness. This is different from when you are broken through life, not that brokenness. There were three men on the cross but only one of them was there because He was broken. The others were there because of disobedience. You can experience even the same situation for a different reason.


We need to give ourselves to Jesus so that when He blesses us our prayer is that He might break our will so that the blessing can become a blessing to the nations. I pray Lord when You are breaking me, help me to be yielded. I don’t want to be stubborn. Brokenness means not my will but Your will be done. What most of us want is my will be done with the Lord’s blessing. This continues to live in the soul life. Even if you get your way, you will always stand in His way. You can do miracles, be famous, have a big church, many children and a perfect family and not be broken. The goal today is not to get God to bless your mess or your will but to join the will He has blessed. That is what brokenness is. What is Your will Lord?

If We Don’t Carry Our Cross, We Will Miscarry Our Calling

In Genesis 16:9-11, Hagar is pregnant. She has something inside her but her reaction made her proud. Don’t forget when you are blessed, you still need to be broken to God’s will. Sarah was right to be harsh to Hagar because she was proud. Hagar got offended and was in the wilderness, which is where all offended people eventually end up. The angel shows up to her and instructs her to return to the harsh lady, Sarah, instead of giving water, and submit to her. In the natural, Hagar would have thought I’m pregnant, I don’t need Sarah. It’s true you don’t need Sarah but what you are carrying does. What you are carrying cannot survive and thrive without submitting to the Lordship of Jesus and sometimes, the God given authority He places in our lives.

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People often label things they don’t like as toxic but the truth is a lot of these environments are only so to us because we are not transformed through our brokenness. Offended people often leave churches because in their place of growth and brokenness, they slipped out of the Masters hands and are now trying to put themselves back together instead of allowing the Lord to break their will. I’m not talking about physical, mental or verbal abuse but pride abuse. This is when your pride gets injured and we walk away from the place of birthing to start hiding in the wilderness, nursing our wounded ego. You are carrying nations and need a proper environment for this. You need to change your attitude, not your church. Humble yourself because it is not about your feelings; it is about your destiny.

Accept The Process

God doesn’t deal with you based on where you are but on where you are going. You cannot get the calling out until you get through this process of brokenness. I understand this is not a comfortable message and some might not accept it but don’t blame God if you ignore the process and miscarry your calling. There is only one process: take up your cross, deny yourself and follow Jesus. I want us to be broken people not because of abuse but because we are willing to be used by God. You belong to Jesus. He bought you with His blood and you should be available for Him to use every time and anytime.

Sermon By Vladimir Savchuk; Blog By Edward Gardiner

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