Locked Up

Ever have this urging feeling to just breathe out all the toxic parts of life? 

Those seasons where life turned one too many wrong ways. The feeling of desperation, regret, and pain just stuck inside of you. Those are the moments that will actually bring out the best part of you. 


Every person in this world wants to be loved and heard. The feeling of belonging somewhere or to someone is buried deep inside. That’s the reason we end up falling for the wrong guy or settling for the job we dread to be at. We believe that if someone, anyone, would accept us, then we mean something. Our worth begins to lie within people and materialistic things instead of in our Creator. God’s purpose was for you to follow the plan and path He has already created for you. Your worth lies in Him not in what the world shows you to be.


Not only do we crave love and acceptance, but we want to know that we are safe. We seek for a hiding place where we feel secure. When life throws some punches, you want a shoulder to cry on. Our carnal self naturally looks for another person, place, or thing to feel whole. Our identity begins to be placed in things that make us feel a temporary fullness. We lose track of God and His presence because He is not tangible.

The best part about God is that He does not need to be seen or felt for you to know that He is with you. When you turn to Him, He will make Himself your safety place. We as humans tend to make mistakes and fail one another. God is the only one who will NEVER fail nor forsake us. That is one of His many promises that will never come back void. 

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1

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