Marriage Myths Debunked

Falsified Facts Mislead Marriages

The happiest couples tally the positive actions their partner does for them. Click To Tweet

Big Picture Point 1: Hope for Marriage

The often-cited 65% divorce rate for second marriages is based on non-existent sources. Click To Tweet

Big Picture Point 2: The Truth about Marriages Today

Contrary to common belief, over 71% of people remain married to their first spouse, with 29% including those who died while married. Click To Tweet

Big Picture Point 3: Practical Tools for Thriving Marriages

Implications for Individuals and Couples

  1. Challenge the Notion that Marriage is Inherently Hard: While marriage may require effort, it doesn’t mean it’s inherently complicated. We must understand that marriage can take hard work but is not inherently burdensome.
  2. Embrace the Power of Perspective: Adopting a positive perspective can transform your relationship. Believe the best about your spouse’s intentions, recognizing that, in most cases, they deeply care about you. What you focus on is what you will see more of.
  3. Keep Score Differently: Instead of tallying up what’s lacking in your relationship, actively notice and appreciate the positive contributions of your spouse. This fosters gratitude and a sense of mutual appreciation.
  4. Spread the Good News: Become ambassadors for the good news not only of Jesus Christ but also of the inherent goodness and design of marriage. Share your positive experiences and challenges overcome to inspire others on their marital journey.
According to a Harvard study, attending church reduces the divorce rate by 58% for couples. Click To Tweet Being surrounded by divorced friends increases your likelihood of divorce. Click To Tweet

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