5 Steps to Overcome Nightmares?

1/3 of our life is spent sleeping. On average we get 4 dreams per night, that’s about 1,460 per year. Dreams have become subject of interest in our culture lately. There was a movie few years ago called INCEPTION, became the movie of the year, where man in the movie would extract valuable information from targets while they slept. Most of us treat our dreams too lightly, others too tightly. Our dreams wouldn’t be treated as junk mail, we don’t even open it but just thrown it away. Bible mentions dreams about 122 times. Actually 1/3 of the Bible is dreams and visions.

When Samson went to sleep, Delilah cut his hair away. The enemy loves to attack us when we sleep, through nightmares, horror dreams, or snakes & spiders appearing in dreams, it’s the work of Satan – his goal is to cut away our peace & power. We have to resist that.¬†When Jacob went to sleep, God appeared to him. Jacob met God in the dream, not in church. God still is interested in revealing himself in the dreams to people. Samson went to sleep on the LAP of Delilah, Jacob went to sleep on the ROCK. Before you go to sleep, on what PILLOW are you laying your head? LAP of DELILAH or ROCK of AGES?

“But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.” Matthew 13:25

Sometimes when we sleep, the devil comes to sow nightmares (weeds) in our heart to bring fear and confusion. It does not mean that we are possessed but it does mean that the devil hates us and wants to bring division and turmoil. But we can overcome the devil. Here are few practical things we can do to overcome nightmares:

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1. Before you go to sleep, read the Scriptures instead of being on your phone or watching TV
2. Meditate on the word of God before you fall asleep
3. Commit your night to the Lord in prayer
4. If you wake up with a nightmare, rebuke it right away. You can pray something like this, “I rebuke this attack of the devil. I don’t accept it as my new reality. I believe in what God says about me.” Sometimes something as simple as this prayer will stop the nightmares from repeating.
5. Avoid filling yourself with junk during the day (ungodly influences from music, movies or bad company). What you do during the day can affect your dreams.

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Testimony of my wife has been a blessing to many. She was freed from the nightmares. Click here to watch her testimony.

I recently did a FACEBOOK LIVE where I shared about the nightmares along with my wife and offered prayer for those who need DELIVERANCE from attacks of Satan. Watch the video below….

This blog was written by Vladimir Savchuk.

Pastor Vlad is the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, an author of “Break Free” and “Single, Ready to Mingle” and a founder of free online school “Vlad’s School.” To download free e-books, sermon series, small group study guides go to vladimirsavchuk.com