The Pace Of Grace

Genesis 33:13-14. I want to speak concerning the practical component of finding peace in the pace of life. We are either led or we are driven.

If we are not led by the Spirit, we will be driven by the flesh. Being driven is actually unhealthy. In the scripture, God drove enemies out. He never drove His children; He led His children. God is not a driver; He is a leader. God is not a driver; He is a Shepherd, (Job 18:18, Numbers 32:21, Isaiah 8:22)

Are you being led or are you being driven? God doesn't drive; He leads and when He leads, He leads to still waters and green pastures. Share on X

The word driven implies a controlling force pushing a passive subject. If you are driven that means you are a passive object and some kind of an external force is controlling you. As Christians, we are led, we participate and we involve ourselves with our Creator, the Holy Spirit. Being led implies a participation on the part of a disciple, (Exodus 13:21, Psalm 25:5).

I want to ask you a question: are you being led or are you being driven? God doesn’t drive; He leads and when He leads, He leads to still waters and green pastures. God leads in such a way that there is a wholeness that takes place in your soul but driving damages and destroys us.

Why is driving dangerous? Driving is always done by force. When you are driven you are compelled by external force instead of led by internal leading. Stop allowing the forces of this world to drive you; be led by the Holy Ghost. Slow down to the pace of God’s grace.

Not everything that’s good is God; not everything that looks like it will advance my career or calling is where God wants me to be. When the Holy Spirit leads with His pace there is His grace; when He guides, He provides.

The grace of God should determine the pace of our life, not our opportunities, gifts or potential. Share on X

When you have refused to be driven, only then can you lead. Our pace, rhythm and stride in life has to be determined by what the grace of God is on in our lives right now. When there is no grace and we begin to run faster to compensate for the lack of God’s favor, we end up being burned out instead of being blessed by the grace of God.

In your personal life, the grace of God will lead you to stride, not strife, not stress. When you’re striving, stressing and anxious that’s not the grace of God, (Psalm 37:23-24).

Jesus lived in a constant state of rest yet He was still able to do what God called Him to do. To be like Jesus, we have to allow the grace of God to order our steps.

Grace does not go faster than peace. What does it mean to follow the rhythm of grace? How do you know if you’re following or not?

  1. Do you delight in God at this season?
  2. Is there peace in your soul?
  3. Are your children keeping up?
The peace of God is the indicator if the grace of God is currently on your life. Share on X

The way God lets you know that His grace is in you is He gives His peace. Stress is your destiny giving you a ticket for speeding.

Examine your heart if there are external forces driving you at an unreasonable pace – deal with those forces, submit them to God and invite the Holy Spirit to be not a force but a Friend that will guide you to green pastures. Then your life can be a piece of Heaven on earth and you can be an example of what it’s like for the Kingdom of God to rule and reign.

You can't have the Kingdom of God, if you don't have joy. You can't have the Kingdom, if you don't have peace and you can't have Kingdom, if you don't have a righteous standing. Share on X


I want to pray with you that the Holy Spirit will become your Leader, Shepherd and will guide you today in the name of Jesus.

Ask, “Holy Spirit, let Your peace rule my heart. Let Your Kingdom come into my heart right now. I welcome Your righteousness, I welcome Your peace, I welcome Your joy, in Jesus’ name”.

[Blog by Edward Gardiner; Sermon by Pastor Vladimir Savchuk]