5 Steps: How To Heal From Hurt

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It’s important to know how to deal with pain properly & privately. Meaning you don’t ignore what matters, but LEARN how to GROW through it.

You – yes you will gain a certain level of confidence because you defeated something in private that everyone wanted to see you fight in public.

When life or people kick you to the curb you’ve got to know how to heal
& recover & here’s a few helpful steps:


Some people post so much depressing love stuff that I’m even starting to miss their ex. Keep it to yourself – you’ll save your face & thank yourself later. During this process avoid posting anything (delete your social apps if needed) because you can’t trust your tongue when you’re hurt or bitter.


Vent to God not people. When you vent to people they will gossip & that moment of relief can cost you your reputation. Your weakness & pain is not for people’s entertainment.


It hurt because it mattered. Some on the other hand try to act like nothing happen. Don’t forsake the pain or run away from it because you become bitter & it will show in other areas of your life. Allow yourself to grieve it’s okay not to be okay for a time/season because some of the greatest lessons are birthed from pain.


Yourself or someone. Forgiveness is not a feeling & it doesn’t remove the hurt but it’s the first step – don’t base forgiveness on your feelings.


No, none of this is easy & some days you’re going to want to kick & scream. There is no easy way out & there is no short cut. Put your big girl pants on! Keep going. Don’t give up & don’t back down.

We all hurt it’s part of life, but you’ve got to know how to heal properly.

When we don’t heal properly we build unnecessary walls that block love, blessings, friendships & we hurt others not realizing the root of our problem is pain from our past that was pushed to the side & not dealt with.

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  1. Thanks, that is really helpful to be reminded of . We don’t have to leave in pain but we do need to know how to deal will pains .

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  2. What do you do though when the one who hurt you does not want to talk about it? There are just so many unanswered questions and it’s hard to heal when you feel lonely. I will take this advice though and just start venting to God.

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      You have to do your best to forgive them without an apology because that may never come & God will never leave you. Stay strong!

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