Plant Seeds, Pull Weeds and Kill Snakes

Lana and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage. Reminiscing over the past 10 years, we want to share some of the lessons that we have learned. 

The first lesson we learned is that FREEDOM IS THE FOUNDATION OF A LASTING MARRIAGE. Jesus came to give us life but the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. And one of the things he always seeks to destroy is marriage. 

Marriage is like a beautiful garden from which we need to pull WEEDS, plant SEEDS, and kill SNAKES. By snakes, I mean spiritual forces that hide behind a person’s behavior which cause pain in the relationship. Too many people, instead of fighting a SNAKE, fight their SPOUSE. Instead of doing SPIRITUAL warfare, they do SPOUSAL warfare. Attacking one’s spouse will not win spiritual warfare. 

If you are dealing with the devil’s spiritual attacks in your marriage, remember to always AFFIRM THE PERSON and then ATTACK THE PROBLEM. Not the other way around. If we attack the person first, we will only affirm the problem. ​

Thankfully, I walked into marriage already having experienced freedom from porn which I had conquered many years before that. My wife was battling with loneliness and spiritual depression. Through faith in Christ and God’s Word, she was delivered. I truly believe that freedom is the foundation of a lasting marriage. 

Originally published on Vladimir Savchuk blog.