Pure Bride

The Picture Of The Pure Bride

Recently, God asked me a question. He said, “My son, what are you up to? What is the picture that you have in your mind?” And I replied that I had no picture. “I don’t have a picture of being on a platform, being in a big ministry, or standing in front of a big crowd. All I want is for my heart to please Your heart.” 

People often ask me what I pray. Even this morning, I woke up early and the phrase I said most when I prayed was “Jesus, I love You with all my heart and all my effort. Please, keep me in my first love for You. This is where I belong. I am not called for deliverance, healing, or ministry. I am called to love You, Lord.” 

This is my first calling and this is why I always introduce myself as a bride of Christ, not a pastor, apostle, prophet, teacher, or evangelist. I am just a young bride of Christ who loves the Lord, Jesus with all my heart and all my effort.

What Jesus Is Looking For

I am a bride of the bridegroom, loving the Lord with all my effort. Jesus is looking for pure brides. Jesus is the bridegroom but at the same time, He is the most glorious King. This glorious King is sitting on the throne at this very moment. The One who sits on the throne is not a fairy tale. He is not a theory. The One who sits on the throne is so real. 

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The worship never stops before His throne: holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come. To The Lamb be the glory, honor, wisdom, power, and praise. This unending song goes on every hour. This King has called you to be His pure bride. The relationship with the King is not a relationship of negotiation. When the King calls you to become the pure bride, you cannot negotiate with the King. There is no negotiation. When the King says yes, it is yes. When the King says no, it is no. This King has called you to become a pure bride.

What Is A Pure Bride?

A pure bride means giving your whole life – your emotions, thoughts, imagination, desire – everything to the bridegroom. The relationship between the bride and bridegroom is serious in which the body becomes one. Nowadays, there are so many brides with so many bridegrooms. Your other bridegroom is anything you love more than or equal to Jesus Christ.  If you have more than one bridegroom, it is adultery. Adultery is idolatry and idolatry is adultery.

It is a serious relationship. It is not something you can joke with. You don’t joke with your wife; you don’t joke with your husband. It is a serious relationship. The bridegroom is calling you to be the pure bride – to give everything to the bridegroom. If you love ministry more than Jesus, ministry becomes another bridegroom to you. It is so possible.

Be The Pure Bride

There are so many Christians, but not many of them are the pure bride of Christ. Addiction can be another bridegroom for you as can hatred, unforgiveness, the love of money, the love of fame, the love of ministry, and unclean relationships. These can all be things that people love more than or equal to Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ is so worthy of all your heart! He deserves it! Jesus Christ is worthy of all your imagination, willingness, thoughts, flesh, and heart. He is worthy of your entire life because He is the glorious King.

Jesus Christ existed before creation. He was there during the creation of man. Yet, He made the decision to come to this earth and become both fully man and fully God at the same time. At the time of Christ’s birth, the whole universe was moved and worked together. A star arose when Jesus was born. This is what I mean by the whole universe working together for the birth of Jesus, (Matthew 2:2). The star did not just rise but it moved and guided them to the birthplace of the King. The universe worked together for the Glorious King. 

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Fully Man And Fully God

Jesus was both fully man and fully God at the same time. God and man, the lion and the Lamb. He is powerful like a lion but He is also humble like a lamb. A lamb follows the orders of its shepherd and has no contrary opinion of its own. Jesus changed water into wine. Jesus walked on water. If that wasn’t enough, He also made His disciple Peter walk on the water as well. He commands the wind, and the wind obeyed. He commands the waves and the waves obeyed. Jesus commanded the storm, and the climate obeyed. He was a powerful lion but very humble at the same time. The Lord Jesus ate food with sinners. He was born in a dirty place and despite existing before the creation of man, He allowed Himself to be baptized by a man. 

Jesus was so humble. He had fully denied Himself and was filled with the righteousness of God and the will of the Father. It is written in the Bible that Jesus fasted forty days and forty nights – God fasted – and after this, He was hungry. At that time, the devil came to tempt Him and Jesus showed the best example, being fully God and fully man, of how man can overcome temptation by the Word of God. It is written.

Jesus’ Experience As A Man

Jesus felt emotion because He was fully man. He cried. He felt anger and there were two times He felt amazed. In Mark 6:6 Jesus was amazed to see the lack of faith in His hometown. He could not perform many miracles except lay hands on a few sick people and heal them because of their unbelief. There was another time He was amazed in Matthew 8 when a Roman centurion came and expressed great faith in Him. Jesus said to the crowd, I have not seen this kind of faith even in Israel. He was amazed when He saw no faith and on the other hand, He was amazed when He saw great faith.  

Every moment that Jesus Christ walked on the earth, He was not comfortable. He did not come here to be comfortable; Jesus said He did not come to be served but to serve. He did not come to receive something from you, He came to give you everything – not something. Today, there are many Christians giving something to Jesus, some part to Jesus. He who sits on the throne came down from Heaven, became fully man, and gave everything for you. He gave every single minute of His life for us. 

What Is A Christian?

I am Korean. What is Korean? I am a person of Korea. I speak Korean, have the culture of Korea, and have the habits of Koreans. And I eat like Koreans. I do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because I’m always Korean. It is impossible for me to suddenly become Mexican or American somewhere. You call yourself Christian. What is a Christian? Christians are people of Christ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no excuse. 

This Christ gave everything for you first. He is not asking you for something He has not done Himself or given you. He sacrificed Himself. Sacrifice is the maximum expression of love, (John 3:16). He is worthy of everything. Jesus sits on the throne, the Bible says, with eyes of blazing fire, His face shining like the sun, and a voice like rushing water. In the throne room right now, the angels, 24 elders, and four living creatures are worshipping day and night. It is happening right this moment. 

When Jesus was about to be crucified, His heart was troubled. He felt sorrow and went to Gethsemane with His disciples. He told Peter, James, and John, “My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.” Yet even at this moment, He was still totally submitted to the will of the Father. 

God and the High Priest

Jesus was brought before the Jewish High Priest, a man who was supposed to be serving God at the highest level. Yet, when he was face-to-face with the Son of God, he charged him under oath by the Living God. How could he say that to the true Living God right in front of him? The high priest of God, denounced God in the flesh and the crowd came and started spitting on Jesus, punching Him in the face, pulling out His beard and mocking Him. 

The crowd brought Jesus before Pilate and Jesus was brutally beaten, stripped naked and hurt. Jesus was made naked to cover you with mercy. He was naked on the cross to cover you with grace. Jesus was made naked to cover you with love and life. They drove the crown of thorns into His head and put a wooden staff into His hand. The soldiers mocked Jesus and then started smashing His head with the same staff.

Jesus hung on the cross, looked up to the Heavens, and said, “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?” Which means my God, my God, why have You forsaken me? He was fully God and yet fully man at the same time. A little later, Jesus shouted with a loud voice, gave up His Spirit, and died. He died to free you.

Death Defeated

Hebrews 2:14 says that by Jesus’ death, the power of death was broken so that we would no longer live as slaves to the fear of death. When Jesus died, satan was scared. Satan was afraid because he remembered that Jesus prophesied He would rise from the dead three days later.

The priests and Pharisees went to Pilate to reinforce the tomb Jesus was buried in with soldiers so His followers couldn’t lie that Jesus had risen. They called Him ‘that deceiver.’ Pilate sent his troops to guard the tomb. Satan was afraid so he tried to use Pilate, the high priest, and the Pharisees to try to stop Jesus’ resurrection. No matter how hard satan tried, nothing stopped Jesus from demonstrating resurrection power. No matter how hard satan tried, nothing could stop Jesus from demonstrating that He is the true King of Kings.

There are many tombs of world religious leaders. They are still in them. There is only one tomb that is empty and that is the tomb of Jesus Christ. No matter how hard satan tries in your life, nothing can stop the resurrection power of Jesus from touching your life, family, finances, and generation.

Resurrection Power

The resurrection power was so powerful that it could not just stay inside the body of Jesus Christ. Even Jesus’ body could not contain the power of resurrection. The resurrection power extended beyond the body of Jesus and He was not resurrected alone. Other holy people who had died came back to life with Jesus and walked into the holy city. The power of resurrection is extended to you today, to your family today, to your family today. The tomb in your family, generation, health, children, and ministry be empty in the name of Jesus!

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Nobody proved Jesus. He proved Himself by the power of resurrection that He is the true King, the King of Kings. The King of Glory was resurrected. 

In Matthew 28:5-10, the Bible says Mary Magdalene and the other Mary ran to the tomb of Jesus Christ and met the resurrected Savior. They clasped His feet and worshipped Him. Imagine that! 

The Lion And The Lamb

Jesus appeared to His disciples many times after His resurrection. One of the most touching times was when the disciples were fishing, and Jesus appeared on the shore, cooking breakfast for them, and asked Peter to bring more fish for them from what they had caught. Jesus is so powerful yet always so humble. He called His disciples “My brothers, My friends”. Nowadays, it is rare for a pastor to call their disciples my friends or my brothers but Jesus did. Jesus is just so awesome; words cannot describe Him. The glorious Bridegroom. 

This is not a fairy tale; this is so real. Jesus is on the throne right now as you are reading this. Jesus, the Glorious King is looking for those who are pure brides. On the last day, He will not ask how many signs and wonders you performed, how many followers you have, or how much you have in your bank account. Your mother or father being a person of faith cannot save you. Is your relationship with Jesus Christ, the relationship of the bridegroom and pure bride? There is no excuse and no other opinion. Are you the pure bride of the Bridegroom who sits on the throne, the Glorious King Jesus Christ? That is all that matters.

You have to respond personally to the call of Jesus Christ. Will you be His pure bride? He is worthy to receive all your life, effort, emotions – everything. Why does the Bible say worthy is the Lamb, not worthy is the Lion? It is because Jesus did not win the battle by fighting as a lion; He won the battle by being slain as the Lamb.

Prayer Of The Pure Bride

If you want to be the pure bride of the glorious Bridegroom, Jesus, say, “Jesus, I am here. Your pure bride is here. Forgive me. I abandon all other Bridegrooms in my life. I renounce all other Bridegrooms. Only you know what is in your heart. Confess it to Jesus now. Don’t worry about who is around you. They are not interested; only Jesus is genuinely interested in you and He is the One who sits on the throne.

Sermon By Brother Hyeok Park; Blog By Edward Gardiner

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