Pursuing Purity

What is Purity?

Let’s first talk about what purity is. Purity, in biblical language, is to be morally clean, without blemish. Purity is related to guiltless, blameless, or innocent. Most think the meaning of purity is about abstaining from sexual relations until marriage, which is true and very important, but there is so much more to purity overall than just that. There is a call on each of our lives. It is a call to live pure lives in the midst of a highly sinful world. Purity doesn’t mean perfection. God doesn’t expect perfect lives, but He does expect holiness. We are to be holy as He is holy.

1. Purity of Mind (Mentally)

I am a firm believer that purity starts in the mind. What we meditate on eventually determines our actions. The enemy would like nothing more than to isolate us and plant lies in our minds that would eventually lead us to sinful and destructive lives. Colossians 3:5; You must put to death, then, the earthly desires at work in you, such as sexual immorality, indecency, lust, evil passions, and greed (for greed is a form of idolatry).

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Many people have the mentality that their thoughts are private and as long as they don’t say or do anything wrong it’s alright to at least think it. This mentality is wrong because our thoughts can affect us as much as physical actions, and sooner or later our thoughts drive our physical actions. Be careful with what you watch, listen to, and keep track of how much you surf the web or social media. It is our work to not only come against impure thoughts, but to also replace them with positive, Christ-like thoughts. We must keep our focus on Jesus and do whatever it takes to attain and maintain mental purity.

2. Purity of Body (Physical)

Romans 13:14; “Rather, clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” We are sinful beings. Our bodies are naturally led towards sin. So even if we aren’t breaking physical boundaries, our bodies are more led towards sin than holiness. Still we believe our bodies belong to Jesus. Ask yourself, would Jesus present His body this way? How would He take care of His body?

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Our bodies are gifts from God, and we are only blessed with one during our lifetime. Throughout the many seasons of life, our physical appearance will change, but we can decide how we take care of our bodies. I Corinthians 6:19 teaches us the importance of having our bodies set apart as an act of worship to God. 1 Corinthians 6:19; Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself. We can choose to take care of our bodies, to remain energized to live out the purposes that God has created for us to serve. Speaking positive affirmations about our bodies to God represent the act of worship. Celebrating and giving thanks to God for our bodies is an essential act of gratitude. God created us in His image.

Therefore, God loves and cares for us, just as we are. I encourage you to let the Holy Spirit guide you as you look to glorify the Lord with your body.

3. Purity of Spirit (Seeking God)

Are you seeking God? Are you striving to know him better each day? Do you spend time in his word and in prayer regularly? Are you asking him to guide you, to give you strength? Proverbs 16:2; “All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord.”

Seeking God’s Heart:
1 . Humble yourself – have a spirit of humility, realizing that you need God.

2. Pray – talk to God, listen for His voice, bring your requests to Him with thanksgiving.

3. Seek God’s face – the goal is to strengthen your relationship with Him, to discover and understand Who He is, to find out how to please Him, to know His love, to become more like Him.

4. Put effort into it – make seeking God your highest priority.

5. Be a teachable spirit – willing to be corrected.

6. Turn from sin – This means to repent, to walk away from whatever displeases God.

7. Seek His righteousness – seek to live a holy life that pleases and honors God, and that testifies to others that Jesus Christ lives in you.

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