Redeeming The Rainbow 🌈

When God Lays Down His Bow

I believe this is not a political topic but that our culture scorns and mocks religious values. Culture is culture but the moment that begins to infiltrate the lives of people, people in the church need to speak the truth in love.

A demonic agenda is after our children. There is an emphasis on hijacking children by indoctrinating them at a young age. Children are like wet cement in that they are very impressionable. When seeds are sown into their minds like those sown by Disney, it makes an impact. One of the engineers at Disney openly said that they have a known agenda to fill as much queerness into their programming as they can. This is happening in entertainment for our children.

I remember the first time I got thrown off social media was because I said gender is not decided it is discovered. I was quickly labeled as somebody who was provoking aggression and violence against the alphabet community.

We are in a place today where if you believe the truth and speak it, you will be de-platformed, de-monetized, and labeled with names no Christian wants to carry.

The Church And The Alphabet

Our church welcomes everybody, even those who do not practice Christianity. The church exists for Christians but anyone is welcome to come to our church, whatever lifestyle they live, to come worship and hear about Jesus Christ. The one thing we don’t do is change the Bible to fit our culture or so that it can be loved and accepted by our culture. Jesus said if everyone speaks well of you, it’s not good for you. We don’t want to be applauded by a culture that is under the influence of demons and then stand before God and be rejected because we stood with the world. 

When humanity came under the spell of the devil, we did two things in Adam. We rebelled against God and redefined good and evil. Anytime you get rid of God, you act like a god. As a god, you begin to make rules as you go for what is right and wrong. The culture has been redefining good and evil since then. 

The Cultural War

Israel, the nation God chose to be His representative was constantly tempted throughout history with the gods of the nations. All those nations had one thing in common: they worshipped idols and mixed sex with idolatry. In the history of paganism, sexuality, and the occult always go together. Prostitution took place in the temple of idols. Why is satan so interested in your sexuality? It is because sexuality is the most sacred and core thing about you. It is something you only share with your spouse – not with your kids, friends, or family.

When the Bible says Adam knew his wife, Eve, it uses the word know for sex because sex is a way of knowing somebody on a level you cannot know anybody else. It is supposed to be so good, protected, and shielded from anybody else. That is why the devil wants to pervert that part of our lives and he is even targeting children in schools today.

Ancient Idols Were Principalities

One of the big idols Israel was constantly tempted away from God to worship was Baal. Baal constantly wanted to take the place of the God of Israel. Baal also had a wife, named Ishtar or Ashtoreth in some translations of the Bible. Ishtar was a seducer, enchantress, and goddess of sex and sexual perversion. Whenever Israel stepped away from God, after worshipping Baal, they would begin to incorporate worshipping Ishtar as well. The third idol that Israel was often enticed to worship was called Molech. Molech was the craziest out of the three because he demanded human sacrifice. In exchange for human sacrifice, Molech promised to grant fertility, rain upon the land, and financial success in their lives. People would literally take their children and offer them as sacrifices to the demon Molech for his blessings.

In his book, The Return Of The Gods, Johnathan Cahn described how these three gods were expelled from Greco-Roman culture. From history, we can see that the Greeks and Romans practiced sexual immorality in a way that was as bad as the Canaanites. Pedophilia and homosexuality were so common in those cultures. Human beings had very little value in those times while the value placed on sexual exploitation and exploration was extremely high.

The Return Of The Idols

With the advance of Christianity, the worship of Baal, Ishtar, and Molech was put into exile. In the same book, Cahn says that these gods have returned to America. We can see this because the nation has departed from the Biblical truth. Lines have been blurred between animals and humans, meaning the value of animal life was elevated and human life was devalued. Today, you can go to jail for hurting dolphins but you don’t go to jail for killing babies. 

Baal also brought the idea that you can forge your own god, fashion your own truth and values and that absolutes don’t exist. So, you may do as you please. This is also what we see in American culture today.

The United States was founded upon Judea-Christian values but once these values like the Ten Commandments were removed and labeled unconstitutional, I believe Baal really took the reins of American culture. Ishtar always came with Baal. Ishtar always caused sexual perversion and sexual revolution in which moral safeguards were abandoned for instant gratification. She promoted unrestrained sexuality with no thought, desire, or connection to children. The sexual revolution severed marriages. Kids produced by sexual sin needed to be brought somewhere and that is when the third god, Molech would come on the scene. Hitler killed six million Jews; Molech killed 60 million babies in our nation alone. The nation which used to be a city on a hill became a blood-soaked high place for Molech. Children were sacrificed on the altars of Molech. 

The Agenda Of Culture

In today’s culture in the United States, having a child is seen to hamper your life. It takes your time, requires your energy, hinders your career, and slows your education. Today, children are seen to hinder your future earning capabilities. We have evangelists of this demonic gospel called celebrities who boast that they found success in their careers after they ended the lives of unborn children. What we see is that Molech just changed his appearance and set up his headquarters in planned parenthood. It is the same unclean spirit operating. In the old times, you sacrificed your child so that you could have success. Today, you get rid of a child so that the child doesn’t hinder your success.

This was why the principalities drove the agenda of legalizing abortion. Because when you allow the sexual revolution to take place, after having abandoned the morals and values of God, you have sex with no boundaries. When you have sex without boundaries, you get babies who do not belong anywhere except at the altar of Molech.

Our nation, America, has exchanged God who is love for love who is god. Instead of enjoying sex, we worship sex. Former US President Barack Obama said love is love. When love is love, it means love decides what is right or wrong. For Christians, God is love; He is good and sets the parameters for what is good.

God Is A Good Father

No parent will let a child decide for themselves what is right and wrong based on its preference that day. God loves us and wants the best for us. He is not transphobic, homophobic, or any other type of phobic; God is simply a loving Father who does know better. When we rebel against Him and do what we want to do, we end up with another god which we create according to our lust. It is not just us and what we want. The Bible makes it clear there is God and there are principalities.

God wants your happiness and for you to be holy, and satisfied in His creation, and to enjoy your life in unity within your family. He wants you to have a relationship with Him and enjoy all things that He has provided for you. The Lord God does not want us to be slaves to our passions and prisoners of our desires. 

The Execution Of An Agenda

I want you to be aware that when we chose to abandon God, we made sex our god, sex demanded a sacrifice and this is children. Make no mistake, the devil is after our children. Children are precious to God. Jesus Himself warned that if you cause any of My little ones to stumble, it would be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and be thrown into a deep sea. What does that mean? Any agenda or plan that seeks for children to be confused, stumble, and not know their Creator is in direct opposition to Christ.

God has a plan for our children. I am speaking about this because I don’t want our children to be indoctrinated or brainwashed; I want our children to fulfill their purpose. The last generation created Wonder Woman; our generation wonders what is a woman. The last generation sent a man to the moon; our generation sends men to the ladies’ bathroom. It is twisted and wrong. 

We are at war against spiritual principalities that rule territories (Ephesians 6:11-19).

“You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct. We’ll convert your children—happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly, and you will barely notice it. … We’re coming for your children. … The gay agenda is here.”

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (Parody Song).

There is a demonic agenda. I have no beef with gays, lesbians, or the alphabet community. I believe the Lord Jesus loves everybody, no matter the sin they commit or what they do. God wants to forgive every person. However, I am not ignorant of the fact that there is an evil agenda that is being pushed by principalities.

The Agenda of the Principality:

  1. Come out of the closet. This was the first thing they had to achieve. The damage behind it is that it says sin is something you should be proud of. It says you shouldn’t be ashamed of sin. The Bible says we should be ashamed of our sin but we shouldn’t be ashamed of repentance. It is one thing when you are a sinner and it is another thing when you are proud of it.
  2. Demand rights. You might say that everybody deserves to have their rights but The United States Declaration of Independence document declares that we were given rights by God. Let me ask you a simple question: Does God ever give the right to sin? The answer is no. At first, sodomy in the United States was punishable by death from 1624 till 1929. In 1952, the American Journal of Health labeled homosexuality as a mental disorder that can be treated. After this, we see the United States started to move away from laws that protected the purity of marriage with more laws protecting sin. The next big shift happened in 1969 when Pride and the gay month was instituted. In 1975, the first openly gay official was elected to office, Harvey Milk. Milk requested Gilbert Baker to create a flag for the movement and this is where the rainbow flag was decided upon.
  3. Demand that you recognize it. This is the necessary step to enforce wide-ranging acceptance of the agenda.
  4. Take your rights. The rights of other people start to be infringed upon. This is most clearly shown when transgender men are permitted to compete in women’s sports for example and use women’s bathrooms.
  5. Put you in closet. This is the stage in the agenda where America is at today. They have to put everyone else who doesn’t agree with or benefit from the agenda in the closet to shut them up. They ban them, silence them, suspend them, and label them with false accusations. Today, if you do not address somebody by their desired pronoun, it counts as an act of aggression. But the first amendment law states that we all have the right to freedom of speech. This means we are permitted to say what we believe is true. If I am forced to say something that I do not believe, I am actually lying and my right is being taken away.

“A rainbow flag was a conscious choice, natural and necessary. The rainbow came from the earliest recorded history as a symbol of hope. In Genesis, it appeared as proof of a covenant between God and all living creatures. It was also found in Chinese, Egyptian, and Native American history. A rainbow flag would be our modern alternative to a pink triangle.”

Gilbert Baker

Why is he referring to a pink triangle? The pink triangle was the emblem of the homosexual community until Gilbert created the rainbow flag.

I don’t believe that a person’s gender can be decided. This does not make me a bad person. I just believe what the Bible teaches and simple biology. If I am now forced to lie about what I believe so that you don’t get your feelings hurt, my freedom is taken away just to appease your lifestyle. I believe that is not right and the Bible supports this. We are at war with principalities.

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What Should We Do?

1.This is more spiritual than physical (Ephesians 6:12).

This is about principalities that are at war in our nation. It is not just about a flag. The person who designed the clothing that Target got a lot of backlash for said, “Satan respects pronouns; it is a fun way to show your pride. A lot of people in the LGBT community have found Christianity isn’t always been the most welcoming to them and they find solace and humor in the idea that satan would.”

2. Don’t hate gay people (Ephesians 6:12).

If you think that what is happening in our culture is just people trying to find freedom and not be discriminated against, you are deceived. What Christians and many who are not Christians have a problem with is when this agenda gets imposed on our children. What people have a problem with is when a person or a pastor cannot say the truth because they quickly get threatened or penalized. That is where the problem is. Things are more spiritually demonic than people realize.

We don’t hate people as Christians. We fight this principality by not hating people living the alphabet lifestyle. They are in as much need of salvation as anybody else who does not know Jesus Christ. The Bible says you don’t hate the sinner; you love sinners even your enemies. Welcome them so that every person can have the chance to know Jesus Christ. Today, we are seeing more and more people come out of that community, saying that they were tormented, and thought the church was just full of hate because the devil had blinded them. But when they heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they got born again. When a doctor accepts a cancer patient, the doctor is at war with cancer. When a sinner welcomes sin in their life, God wants to change them, forgive them, and restore them, no matter what the sin is.

3. Take a stand (Ephesians 6:11, 13).

You can take a stand with your money. When somebody flaunts and pushes the agenda, you can choose not to spend your money there. You can choose to vote for a politician on God’s side. When you vote for a politician who is on the payroll of Molech, you are not taking a stand. You can speak God’s truth in love, not fear. We are not ashamed of the Gospel; it is the truth and we don’t have the luxury of choosing our own truth (Romans 1:16). Stand for purity, stand for righteousness, stand for salvation, stand for the family; stand for Jesus.

4. Put On The Armor Of God (Ephesians 6:11, 13-17).

The Bible doesn’t only say we should take a stand but we should put on the armor of God to do so. Some of us love to take a stand but we do this naked. The armor of God is righteousness. It is easy to judge a sin you don’t struggle with but you cannot take a stand against what the enemy is doing without God’s righteousness. As things are getting a little crazier, let’s get a little more humble, pure, and holy. You can walk in confidence without cockiness. You can walk in honor and humility at the same time. We are at war with strongholds and principalities and belief systems which are contrary to God’s Word.

5. Pray (Ephesians 6:18-19)

This is how Paul ends his address on battling principalities: we need to pray with all prayer and supplication. We don’t love or change people by changing the Bible. There is something that can reach them that is stronger than your words – your prayer. Pray for your family and friends, and don’t give up on them. Your prayer will move them closer to Jesus.

The Rainbow Belongs To God

The physical rainbow we see is the sun shining through raindrops at a specific angle. The rainbow first appeared after the flood during Noah’s lifetime. There is also a rainbow around God’s throne, (Revelation 4:3). He has a rainbow but it has nothing to do with pride or homosexuality.

“The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.”

Genesis 9:16

1. Don’t mistake God’s patience for God’s approval.

God gave the people of Noah’s day 120 years to repent, while Noah built the ark. Even when the ark was finished, God still gave them seven days but they did not change their minds. Our God is slow to anger and patient. He is not in a bad mood and just looking to punish people. We should not think that God’s patience is God’s approval. When we do wrong and punishment doesn’t happen, we think either we got away with it or God changed His mind. 

“Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Ecclesiastes 8:11

We are free to make decisions that we like but we are not free from the consequences of those decisions. Don’t think that just because you accept somebody, you have to approve of them. You can love people without approving their sins and addictions. Don’t let anybody bully you by saying if you say the truth, you do not love a person.

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2. God provides the way of salvation.

God provided a way of salvation and there was no other way than Noah’s ark. We can’t save ourselves, we need a boat – Jesus, the Savior. Nobody wants a judge that is not just because then, they are not good and cannot be trusted. The same is true of God. God is holy, just, true, and loving.

The ark took all the beating of the flood and Jesus took all the beating of the wrath of God for our sins. The ark had only one door and Jesus says I am the door for the sheep. There was only one window on the ark and Christians have only one book called the Bible which is where the light of God comes through. This book is the window to eternity. The ark only contained one family. In Christ, we are one family. There is no discrimination in God’s family because we are one in Him.

3. God doesn’t tolerate sin, He punishes sin.

When we water down the meaning of sin, we water down the sacrifice which paid for it.  Click To Tweet

If I agree that sin wasn’t so bad, then I automatically have to agree that the cross wasn’t so bad, the blood didn’t matter and the sacrifice wasn’t that valuable. It was a big deal.

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4. God proclaims peace to those delivered from death through the rainbow.

The Hebrew word for rainbow is “war bow”. God’s anger had ceased since the rainbow pointed downward, just as the warrior lowers his bow to declare peace.

Rainbow is when the warrior God lays down His bow. What the creator of the rainbow flag missed is that God did not put His bow down until He had first punished sin. God does not give peace until sin is punished – not tolerated, overlooked, or minimized. 

5. The world has turned the rainbow into an act of provocation.

The bow which was lowered for peace is now being used by man as an act of provocation and what gives us the audacity to do this is pride. Pride turned an angel into the devil and it turns us into rebels. Satan doesn’t mind if we don’t worship him as long as we join him in pride to oppose God. We don’t have to believe in him as long as we behave like him. Satan didn’t become satan by doing Ouija boards and spells, he became satan by pride (1 Timothy 3:6).

When we allow pride in our lives, meaning we think we know better than God what is good for us, God’s gifts to us get abused and twisted and provoke God. You might think the alphabet community is not provoking God, they are just doing what they want to do. That is what they think but in the realm of the spirit, what is happening is a creation is provoking God to greater anger. 

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Do Not Cave In To Culture

I want to encourage you not to cave to the culture. Stand tall. Stand strong. We don’t have to be big to make a big difference. When you throw salt into soup, you don’t throw big chunks in. We will help the poor, pray for the sick, drive out demons, pray for our families, and weaken the grip of the principalities and strongholds. Then, if it is required, we will even lay down our lives for this. 

You shouldn’t live by the world’s approval of you. People’s opinions of you shouldn’t define who you are. If you cave into that and let what everybody thinks of you decide what you believe, what are you going to say on the last day when you stand before God?

Biblical Persecution

Don’t live for the approval of men. You might lose some friends or followers, but if that is the case, I would rather lose them for Jesus than lose them because I am a sinner. I would rather lose because I stood for the truth than lose because I stood for immorality or theft. To suffer because you believe in Jesus and love people is a noble thing. The bible says blessed are you when they persecute you for righteousness’ sake. Some of us have only been persecuted for drugs or adultery. 

We should embrace this. Biblical persecution comes because you love Jesus, you love people and you stand for the things that are not popular but you still stand. Don’t turn your back and cave in to the world. 

Be willing to pay the same price your Savior paid in rescuing you to follow Him. Stand strong for purity, good marriages, and our children. Don’t let your children be brainwashed by the culture. Don’t let TikTok disciple them; let the Word of God disciple them. Let us redeem the rainbow. We have been delivered from the penalty of sin, the power of sin, and one day, we will be delivered from the presence of sin.

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