Seven Types of Mind

I believe that one of the most crippling things a person can have is not a physical problem but when a person has a mental problem. Satan is playing target practice with everyone’s mind. His number one target is not your body; it is your mind. He will use sickness in the body, poverty, relationship problems, and external circumstances to afflict the mind – the glitch of the mind. Do you know when your mind is glitching? You can’t get out of your own head. You are stuck in there and the Bible says “think on these things” but it feels like your thinking is just thinking by itself. The enemy is the architect of the mental glitch. A person sometimes can have both legs, both arms, a retirement fund, a government job, a car, a house but mentally, they can’t function. Something is broken there. This is the experience of some people in life when their mind controls their life, instead of their spirit controlling their mind. 

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There is a war that has been declared on your mind. Today, I want to equip you and also pray that God will begin to bring healing, not just to our body but also to our mind. Sometimes the enemy uses our past experiences to build strongholds in our minds so that even if we are no longer in those situations, we are still living in the residue, the painful consequences of being in those situations. That is what the Bible calls strongholds and the Bible wants us to cast down strongholds. Demons we cast out but strongholds we cast down. Demons come and leave quickly but strongholds are broken down slowly. Demons come out by the anointing of the Holy Spirit but strongholds are broken down through the Holy Scriptures, being in a community, developing habits of worship, training your thoughts and turning them over to God, and beginning to work with your mind.

"Demons we cast out but strongholds we cast down." Share on X
  1. The Right Mind – remember the demon possessed man in Mark 5:15. This is not just talking about a thought but a state of a mental atmosphere. This doesn’t mean he finally had a right thought but the dominant thoughts were right. This was a sign that he was delivered. When Jesus comes, your finances and family might not be right yet but the first thing Jesus wants to do is bring you to a place where your mind is right. 
  2. The Sober Mind – Titus 1:8. This means your mind is not intoxicated. Sometimes, the enemy intoxicates our minds with our problems and it becomes inflated – we begin to exaggerate the facts. You don’t have a bad life; you just had a bad day. The devil wants your mind to be intoxicated to make you see things as darker or worse than they are and feel terrible about your life whereas your life is not actually that bad. God wants you to have a sober mind.
  3. The Sound Mind – 2 Timothy 1:8 – Having a sound thought does not mean you have a sound mind. A Sound Mind means the strongest and most perpetual thoughts are sound, not sick. Bitterness, hatred, envy are not sound thoughts, they are sick thoughts. They are not healthy thoughts. 
  4. The Spiritual Mind – Romans 8:6 – God wants you to have a mind focused on your spirit. The Scripture warns us not to make our mind into our master. We train our thoughts and turn our thoughts over to God. It is when you direct the flow of your strongest thoughts on God that something begins to happen and your life becomes spiritual.
  5. The Anxious Mind – Luke 12:29 – Everyone has anxious moments and thoughts. What the enemy wants to do is take those anxious moments and infiltrate your mind so that you will not just have an anxious moment, day or week but that you become the embodiment of that moment, and continue to live out that moment even if that moment is not there. 
  6. A Debased Mind – Romans 1:28 – The word debased is rejected, cast away and not approved. It is a mind that failed the test. This mind is different from the rest of them because God throws you into it. The enemy doesn’t give you this one. This is where you wilfully ignore God on purpose. He doesn’t give up on you but He gives you up to it and withdraws His protection from it. 
  7. The Carnal Mind – Romans 8:6 – A carnal mind is focused on the pleasures of life, cares of this world, success. It is not sinful per say, it is just not spiritual. It focuses on pleasures and entertainment. This kind of mind fights against the things of this world. To them, giving is dumb. Praying is a waste of time. 
[The blog is written by Edward Gardiner; Sermon by Pastor Vlad.]