Horses don’t smile. Chimps don’t smile. In fact, no animal has the ability to smile, laugh, or make countless other fine facial expressions. But human babies, from very early on, can and do smile. Humans have about 50 small facial muscles whose only function is to enable expressions like smiling. We also have the complex brain pathways that make smiling work and give it meaning. People of every culture recognize the smile as an expression of personal enjoyment, almost from birth.

Evolutionists claim that all capabilities arose out of evolutionary necessity. Supposedly, features that do not promote survival are too expensive to maintain and will disappear over time. Thousands of species of animals have survived and thrived without the need for smiling or any other delicate facial expressions. The same could be said of brain power. Species without complex brains fare quite well. Ant species together outweigh all other animal life on earth. Grasses are ubiquitous on the face of the earth. But no complex intelligence is required to help these species survive.

So, why should there be such things as smiles and complex brains at all? If survival doesn’t require it, how could organisms evolve such extravagant and biologically expensive features? Evolutionism has no explanation. Only the loving purpose of a Creator who built His universe on a foundation of love and companionship can adequately explain the purpose of such things. Smiles tell us much about the character of God who made us. He is loving, good, and personable. So smile! Every time you do, you’re thanking God for making you.

Reference: Brian Thomas, “Why Don’t Chimps Smile?” Acts & Facts July 2017, published by Institute for Creation Research. Available at

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