Stand Your Ground

Ephesians 6: 11-13, stand your ground against the attack of the enemy by taking up the full armor of God. Learn how to equip yourself as a soldier in the army of Christ.

We are not fighting against humans. It can be really easy to see our enemies as people but when the Lord tells us to take up the whole armor of God, He doesn’t mean that we should try to use God’s mighty power to dehumanize and eliminate the people that the enemy is using against us. You need spiritual weaponry to fight a spiritual enemy.

Whatever your situation looks like, remember who the real enemy is. 

You need spiritual weaponry to fight a spiritual enemy. Whatever your situation looks like, remember who the real enemy is.  Share on X

How To Stand Your Ground

#1 Stand for the truth, not your truth. Your truth can change with pop culture or circumstances but the Truth never changes because Hebrews 13:8 that the Truth is the same yesterday, today and forever. John 14:6, You have to stand your ground for the truth; there is only one Truth, His name is Jesus Christ.

#2 Stand for righteousness. Why is this important? God gave you the breastplate of righteousness so that you can protect your heart and so the world cannot corrupt you, (Jeremiah 17:8-9, James 1:27).

#3 Stand for peace. We are all going through our individual journeys but God doesn’t want us to get stuck in what we are going through; He wants you to walk in the peace that passes all understanding so you can keep moving forward. 

God doesn't want you to get stuck in what you are going through, but He wants you to have peace to strengthen you to keep moving forward. Share on X

#4 Stand for faith. It is the shield of faith which protects us against the fiery arrows of the enemy. To stand your ground against the enemy and hold your shield of faith is to continue believing anyway. Even when it feels like you are constantly having to protect yourself, believe anyway because the promises of God and yes and amen. 

#5 Stand for salvation. Put on salvation as your helmet, (Psalm 27:1-3). It is a helmet to protect your thoughts. The enemy will try to attack your mind and bring in a cycle of thoughts that can turn into a mindset. 

#6 Stand for the Word of God. Hebrews 4:12 testifies that nothing is hidden from the Word. It can discover and expose your pain so that the blood of Jesus Christ can heal you. By His stripes we are healed.

Finally, stand your ground. Stand firmly upon the Word of God, upon Jesus Christ who does not change so that when you are attacked or face your evil day, you know that you can trust the foundation you stand upon. He will not fail, because God never fails.  

Come against the spirit of fear in your life now. Repeat the following below.
I come against every spirit of fear in the name of Jesus Christ. I command every spirit of fear out of my life. Fear has to go. I break your power. I declare the Word of God that says Jesus is my Prince of peace. You wall, come down! I’m going to see my victory.

Tear down every wall that prevents you from your breakthrough and entering into your year of Jubilee.

[This blog was written by Edward Gardiner; Sermon by Brittany Hartikainen]