Featured image for 'How to Walk In Your Dangerous Authority'
Featured image for 'Dangerous Authority'

Dangerous Authority

Do you know your SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY?Casey highlights the authority and power that you carry as a child of God. This

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Featured image for 'Believer’s Authority'

Believer’s Authority

This week, Evangelist Rikhard Hartikainen shares a powerful message titled, “Believer’s Authority” where he implores us believers to not let

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Power Above

This week, Pastor Vasiliy Parkhotyuk shares a message on the authority you have which comes from Christ.

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Featured image for 'When Kings Hide in Caves'

Deliverance of a Donkey

Deliverance of a Donkey

This week, Pastor Vladimir Savchuk shares a message about maintaining your freedom through discipleship. You can not walk in authority

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