The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

What Is Inside Your Heart?

Behold the Kingdom of God is within you.

Luke 17:21

What is going on inside you is way more important than what is going on on the outside of you. God and the enemy want to put something within you. Each one of us is a product of what has been put inside of us either by default or on purpose. This is the reason a lot of money is spent on advertising because there is a battle going on to plant a thought or desire inside you.

How many times have you watched a commercial on television or seen a billboard and suddenly wanted to drink Coca-cola etc?

God wants to show you something but the devil is also trying to show you something because what is inside of you has an impact. We can see the results in society today. Compare the 1920’s when television first came about to today. Things that would be considered absurd and outrageous then are considered the norm in today’s generation because a seed was planted in the minds of people that changed their opinions over time.

The Word of God Is A Seed

The Word of God is a seed. A seed might be very, very small but when it grows, it becomes a tree. When you listen to the Word of God, something gets planted in you and with time it grows. The Kingdom of God is within you.

Just as our Heavenly Father has good plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11), the devil also has plans for you. That is why both of them want the screen or canvas of your heart.

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Some people think Christianity is hard. What really is hard however is trying to live holy while you are full of junk. Whatever you put inside yourself is most of the time, what will come out.

Guard Your Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Proverbs 4:23

Look at something that has value in the eyes of the world. Take a bank for example. It is a place where a lot of money and wealth is kept. There is no bank that does not have security guards to protect it and make sure no intruder enters the premises. Our hearts are more valuable than the biggest bank yet we allow anything to enter in. If what you permit inside you is garbage, don’t wonder why it is so hard to live a holy life.

We carry victory on the inside of us first before victory on the outside manifests. In the same way, we carry defeat on the inside of us first before defeat on the outside will manifest. If you are defeated on the inside, it is only a matter of time before the defeat manifests on the outside.

What Is Inside You?

Ask yourself this question: What is inside of me? You are a product of what has been put inside you by default or on purpose. Scan yourself. Examine yourself. Do you have any hidden lust, depression, or unforgiveness? Unforgiveness will kill you if you leave it alone. Is jealousy, envy, anger, rage, sexual images, unbelief, doubt, double-mindedness, or impurity taking up space within you?

King David said in Psalm 119:11 that he had hidden God’s Word in his heart so that he might not sin against the Lord. David made the decision to hide the Word of God inside him.

Are you hiding the Spirit of God, faith, goodness, patience, self-control, love, a sound mind, gentleness, kindness, godliness, and the fear of God inside you? It is important to analyse what is actually happening in your heart because although you might look good on the outside, what is inside you will catch up with the outside soon enough.

Old Testament Examples

In the Old Testament, we see the example of Abraham. Abraham and his wife were barren. They could not conceive children. God put an image of His promise on the inside of Abraham when He told him his children would be as many as the stars and the sand. At day, Abraham would see the sand under his feet and at night the stars in the sky. Abraham’s faith did not spring from nothing but from the constant infilling of his heart. Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness. The image of his victory was within Abraham. It took 25 years for the promise to begin to manifest but it didn’t come from nowhere – it was deposited inside Abraham long ago.

What is being deposited inside you? Faith came to Abraham because something was put inside him.

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In Genesis 3, before the fall of man, the serpent deposited something inside of Eve, when it said, “Has God really said?” Before they knew it, they sinned and were separated from God. It didn’t just happen; it was a result of what they allowed to be deposited inside them.

Inside Is Greater Than Outside

What is going on inside of us is way more important than what is happening on the outside. Faith came to Abraham because something was deposited and doubt came to Eve because something was deposited. Don’t be fooled that what you watch or hear is just nothing. It all goes somewhere and has an effect.

Just as Jacob had the sheep of Laban produce what they saw, you will produce whatever picture is in your heart. If you have a picture of victory on the inside of you, then most likely, you will produce victory. But if you have a picture of defeat on the inside of you, that is most likely what you are going to produce.

Purity Of The Heart And Its Thoughts

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

Proverbs 23:7

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Matthew 5:8

Your heart is the contact point where you see God. That is where you meet Him. If you have only junk in your heart, how will you hear His voice clearly? Take inventory of your heart. Scan each thought you allow like a passenger going through airport security. It is important to know what is going inside you.

How is it when you lay hands on the sick? What happens when you try to drive out a demon, want to walk in victory, and be a man/ woman of faith? Don’t think that you just wake up as a spiritually mature person; it doesn’t happen by default.

You Can Choose

Allow God’s plan and purposes to succeed. Do you know why Jesus Christ was able to sit with sinners? Jesus Christ was able to sit with sinners and do what He did because He was stronger in God than the sinners were in sin. Sadly, what happens today is that sinners are stronger in sin than Christians are in their relationship with Christ. This leads to them affecting the atmosphere. We have to grow in God to the point where we can affect the atmosphere. It doesn’t happen by default; you have to do it on purpose.

Don’t Allow It

“It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. Therefore don’t let yourself be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Galatians 5:1

What are you allowing through your eye and ear gates? God made us free. We have free will. We are not robots. You can choose to watch and listen to what you want. At times, when you are in the world, you don’t have a choice like when you go into a shop and there is music playing but I am referring to what you do when you have the choice to decide. What are you feeding yourself with when you have the choice?

Your children will do what you do. If you want your children to be awesome, you have to be awesome. As they do what you do, they will become what you are. Therefore, be a man, be a woman of God, guard your heart and do not allow just anything to come inside your heart.

Who or what have you befriended? If you allow things, God will respect your decision. But if you want to get rid of your bondage, you have to hate that junk the way God does.

You don’t have to go to another prayer line to be delivered because you weren’t guarding your heart. God has a plan, purpose, and destiny for you. He wants you to go to a new level, not keep in the same circle and cycle. God’s will for you is dominion, not just deliverance.

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Sometimes, we even entertain ourselves with things that brought the nails into Jesus’ hands. We are the people of God, as Christians, the body and bride of Christ. Jesus is coming back for a pure bride. Be a pure bride. It is not by our works but by His grace. Cooperate with God. Examine your heart and take a moment to reflect and if you need to, repent. You want to grow in your faith. Now you have heard the Word, ask God to forgive you of any area you missed the mark. Determine to only allow good things inside your heart and set the right example for your children to leave a legacy on the earth.

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