The Lord Who Rescued Me

Have you ever felt overlooked? Picked at or picked apart? Bullied, criticized and even ridiculed? Insecure people are gossiping about you and bored people are spreading it around. Now it’s getting to you, and people’s disbelief has now become your truth. If you can relate to any of these experiences I just listed, this blog post is for you.

As we pursue our calling and continue to grow as individuals, you cannot avoid this one lesson. Whose opinion truly matters to you? God’s opinion of you or man’s opinion? 

Family will criticize you, authority may over look you, but God is preparing you.

God is preparing you while the enemy is trying to stop you. Click To Tweet

I want to take you to the story of David.  He is someone we all can relate to. He was bullied, criticized and belittled by the people whose opinions matter the most to an individual.

The famous story of David and Goliath was a war between two powerful nations. The army of Israel and the army of Philistines. It came down to who could defeat the 9 foot tall Goliath, an intimidating warrior.(1 Samuel 17 v. 1-8) The army of Israel was at a standstill for 40 days. Paralyzed by fear and the atmosphere was filled with Goliath’s mockery, no one wanted to face him. Except one, his name was David.

Before David faced Goliath, he had to face the opinion of others. Especially the ones that matter.

David’s oldest brother came first. Signifying that he was someone close to David. It all began with David simply asking a question. 

“What will a man get for killing this Philistine and ending his defiance of Israel?” (1 Samuel 17:26) 

His older brother heard and got angry. After David started asking questions, his brother started questioning him. He started ridiculing and belittling David, and made sure he felt out of place and completely insignificant. 

The first lesson we can learn from David, is give yourself permission to ask and challenge why things are the way they are? Click To Tweet

We must look in all areas of our life and question those fears, bondages, strongholds, limitations and challenge them. Why are things the way they are?

David’s response to his brother was ,”I was only asking a question!” He did not allow his brothers ridicule and opinion of him to stop him. David even went to the others and asked the same thing and received the same answer. V.30

He was relentless and did not allow his brother belittling him, get in the way of glorifying God. Click To Tweet

The next person who questioned David, was Saul. A man of influence and authority. Saul couldn’t collect himself to believe that this boy David would possibly win. “There’s no way you can fight this Philistine and possibly win.” V.33 He doubted David’s ability.

No one believed in Him. At this point my heart feels for David.  I know there are people out there who wish for someone to believe in them, and have someone believe that they have potential, for someone to just see that you have what it takes.  

Everyone doubted David but he still persisted. Click To Tweet

What made David so relentless and numb to every opinion that tried bringing him down? What was his secret?

David's unyielding confidence was connected to his experiences of winning personal battles with God. Click To Tweet

1. David remembered, “the one who rescued him.” (1 Samuel 17:37) He had something that everyone on the battlefield was lacking, and that was confidence in the God of Israel. David’s unyielding confidence was connected to his experiences of winning personal battles with God.

“I have done this to both lions and bears, and I’ll do it to this pagan Philistine, too, for he has defied the armies of the living God.” (1 Samuel 17:36) Had he not faced the lion and the bear, he would not be able to face his brother Eliab, Saul the King, and Goliath the enemy. The comments of people would have made him return back home. It was his past battles that made him stand his ground.

A brother, a King and an egoistic Goliath can question you, mock you, ridicule you, belittle you and even embarrass you, but one thing they cannot do is touch the one who has touched the heart of God. Click To Tweet

David’s attitude wasn’t to prove himself to the world, but to prove the whole world that there is a God in Israel. (1 Samuel 17:46) As the story continues, David did just that. He defeated the Goliath the unconventional way, coming at him with no sword but with a weapon of experience (sling shot).

You cannot be stopped my friend. The world can have a mouthful of opinions about you.  Even have a valid argument as to why you are incapable, less skillful, less intelligent, and simply not enough, but our God always has the final say.

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