The End Of The World

I want to share a message with you about the end of the world and the things that are coming from Luke 19:13.

The world is going to end, (2 Peter 3:10-13).

Apostle Peter looked prophetically into the future and tell us a few things: This day when the earth will end will happen on the day of the Lord. It won’t be the day of the devils or whatever. God is going to own the end times.

The day of the Lord is also called the day of judgment. On that day, the Lord will reward the righteous. Share on X

This day is a mystery in that it will come like a thief in the night. We don’t know when that day will come, (Matthew 24:36).

This day will not only affect the earth but the heavens. There will be fire, great noise and the heavens will be burnt up completely. This tells us don’t put everything on this earth because it will be cleansed through fire. We want to store everything in our eternal accounts because this world won’t last very long.

Jesus said, ‘do business until I come,’ not sit down and wait. Share on X

This should not discourage us from building a house, getting married and working as Christians. We should build our lives for that world not for this one.

There are many signs of the end of the age but there is only one sign of Jesus’ second coming. More has been spoken of Christ’s second coming than His first, which was partly why it was difficult for the people of His time to embrace the suffering Messiah instead of the mighty warrior coming in power.

In Matthew 24:3, Jesus said the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the Heavens and everyone will see it. It will not be hidden. Jesus is not coming back on a donkey; He is coming back on a white horse. Jesus is not coming back to be killed again but to rule and reign. Nobody will be able to stop it.

What are the 10 signs of the end of days?

1.The false prophets will come.

2. Wars in the world.

3. Earthquakes

4. Incurable diseases

5. Famines and pestilences.

6. Persecution of Christians.

7. Offence and increase of wickedness.

8. Love of believers growing cold.

9. World evangelism will be taking place.

10. Israel will become a nation.

What do we need to do?

The end times are not to fuel our conspiracy theories and curiosity but to change our conduct. Share on X

Our goal is to go into holiness, knowing that Jesus is coming. We need to store more in eternity and less here.

Jesus said do business until I come: do conferences, build churches, help the poor, drive out demons, heal the sick, raise your family, pay your debts, live for God.

We don’t live with the mindset that the antichrist is coming, we live with the mindset that Jesus is coming back and we are waiting for His coming. Share on X

Acts 1:6, the question is are you doing business as Jesus commanded? The last days of the church are to be powerful! (Acts 1:8).

We shouldn’t be afraid of persecution or tribulation because we are not snowflakes, we are soldiers and soldiers can endure suffering. Be strong in the Lord. I want to challenge you to become dead to sin and the world and alive to Christ.

Sermon by Vladimir Savchuk; Blog by Edward Gardiner