The Purpose Of Promotion

In Joshua 3:7 and 4:14, we see God’s promotion follows God’s process.

There is a process to God’s promotion. I don’t mean when you get a raise at work, move to a nicer area or get a new car. We’re going to look at what promotion is according to the scripture.

All of us want God to be involved in our lives. Our God is a good God and our God is the one that wants to be involved in everything that has to do with our life.

God is still involved and He’s still engaged in the process of helping us to get to know Him and while we live our life on earth to make us better at life and to make our life better. The closer you get to God, sometimes the more challenging things will become.

God doesn't make life easier, He makes life better and us stronger. Share on X

Sometimes the way God makes my life better is by first making me stronger. So, how does God make me stronger? Through the process.

I want you to notice a few things: Joshua served Moses. He was his assistant for many years. Joshua served 40 years of faithfulness before God promoted him.

A lot of people undermine the process and overemphasize the destination. Share on X

We focus on the tipping point in our lives and don’t realise the process is meant to make us stronger so that our lives can become better.

God wants to strengthen you through the process of faithfulness.

God's promotion is not connected to your position, it's connected to His presence. Share on X

God’s promotion is not connected to your position, it’s connected to His presence. A lot of people change their position but their life doesn’t change. Real promotion from God is not when there is a decrease of your problems or decrease of debt, an increase in pay or in your influence. Promotion that comes from God is when there is an increase of His presence in your life.

The presence of God is God’s promotion. Share on X

When I am walking through the process, I am with God but when God begins to honor that process and takes me into promotion, God begins to add His presence, power and awareness of His glory to my life.

I want to encourage each and every one of you, don’t settle when God gives you a better position and do not be discouraged if it seems you are downgrading because like Joseph, as long as the presence of God is with you, you will be successful in that season and sphere of your life.

Every person who shoots arrows understands you can’t shoot an arrow forward until you pull it backwards. Sometimes the Lord will take you backwards so He can release you forward.

I want to encourage you to commit to the process of faithfulness to God and God’s house and I want to encourage you to commit to God’s presence.

Joshua got the position of the successor of Moses but there was no way Joshua would have accomplished what God called him to accomplish without the supernatural. Joshua’s promotion wasn’t so much about his past as the future.

The purpose of promotion is God wants to release His power so you can fulfill your purpose. Share on X

It is easy to look back on the hardships you went through and say I deserve this but when you look forward to why God gave you what He gave you, you will do exploits for God.

John 15:2, we must understand favor follows faithfulness and favor leads to fruitfulness. To whom much is given much is expected.

I want to warn you not to celebrate your past and your process but to get busy fulfilling your purpose. Share on X

I want all of us to have the mindset that we’re promoted for a purpose and our faithfulness will lead to fruitfulness, in Jesus name!

Sermon by Pastor Vlad Savchuk; Blog by Edward Gardiner