Three Types of Curses

A curse is allowing the devil to act in your life, it is his legal right to do so. Share on X

Curses are real. Sin brought curse. Old Testament divides people into blessed or cursed. Power of curse and blessing is exemplified in Jesus story. When Jesus blessed the bread, it multiplied. Jesus cursed the fig tree, it withered. There are three common curses: generational curse, cast curse and earned curse.

Everything that is cursed withers, everything that is blessed multiplies. Share on X

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Generational curses are passed down from generation to generation with the same problems and troubles coming down the blood line. Another word for sin in the Bible is “iniquity” which means “to be bent.” A lot of times, it’s used in reference to generational sins like “iniquity of the fathers” (Numbers 14:18). For example, Abraham lying about his wife was iniquity, a generational thing. We see his son Isaac lying about his wife. His grandson Jacob lying about his birthright; and his great grandkids lying about Joseph. Even statistic says that you are ten times more likely to drink if your parents were alcoholic. There are things that get passed on from the bloodline, that’s why a doctor would ask a new patient if similar illnesses happened in the family before because it’s the fact generational curses exist.

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Cast curses can come into your life or someone’s life through things you do that causes people to speak curse over your life, or when you speak curses over yourself/others. Joshua pronounced curse over whoever will rebuild Jericho (Joshua 6:26) and then years later it became real (1 Kings 16:34). Many times, when we hurt people they pronounce a curse and that sticks to us, because there is a cause. But we must keep in mind person casting the curse and persons receiving the curse are usually affected. At times, parents or people in authority pronounce curses over their people by saying very negative words, and, those words open doors for demons to chain that person to the reality of those words. Also, spells spoken by witchdoctors can stick to the people if they are not covered by the blood of Jesus, good example of that is how Balaam tried to curse Israel so that they will be defeated in battle.

Earned or received curses come into our life through practicing the occult or sinning. Sadly, any unbroken curse we bring into our life will turn into a generational curse. Open doors for curses are witchcraft, horoscopes, fortune-telling, believing in superstition, covenants with demons, ouija boards, contacting the dead, tarot cards, astrology, seances, divination, occult meditations, unforgiveness, and pornography.

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The power of curse has been broken on the cross already. Positionally, we are free from the curse. Now, standing on that victory we must fight that Jesus’ victory becomes reality in our everyday life; also that we don’t repeat destiny of our parents, but fulfill God’s purpose and that we don’t live under curse, but under blessing.

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This blog was written by Vladimir Savchuk.

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