Week 1 Recap: Basics of the Bible

September 23, 2019 – September 27, 2019

This week, interns took two days to go over orientation and spent the rest of the week diving into the basic foundational truths of the Bible. Interns were taught the relationship between science and the Bible and how it proves it is true. Interns also, learned about the power of the Bible, the functions of the Holy Spirit, and the significance of salvation.

The following interns share their favorite part of this week’s lesson along with a brief interview.

Name: Manny Adeyeye

From: New York City, New York

What’ve you learned this week: Jesus saved us from God’s wrath. He didn’t save us from Hell or the Devil. The crazy part is that was God’s plan all along.

Social Media: @mr.renaissanceman

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: It’s in the name, you must come hungry! Come hungry for God. If you come here hungry, God will answer.

Favorite part about internship:
Our intern group because our personalities work so well together and bring out different parts of us. Also, our speakers and teachers are gifted men and women of God. The community and structure here is also awesome.

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 91:11

Name: Inna Bobyleva

From: Sacramento, California

What’ve you learned this week: When Jesus died on the cross, He wasn’t beaten so we could receive salvation. It was so that we could receive healing from our iniquities, deliverance, mental healings, and breakthrough.

Social Media: @innka_boby

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: I would say, “Go for it! Because the first week we got here, we had supernatural experiences, [was touched by] Holy Spirit, and prophecies. But those shouldn’t be the reasons you go here. It should be to be equipped with these things so that Holy Spirit can guide you to do God’s plan.

Favorite part about internship: How much of a family we are like. Everyone is so close to each other and easy to talk to. I also love the teachers because they teach with such passion. There were so many times when I would pray in the morning and my answers would be found through the teachings in the classroom that same day! I’m really thankful they dedicate so much time to teach us.

Fun Fact: I can knit chunky blankets, draw with charcoal, and play ukulele.

Favorite Bible Verse: Ezekiel 35:25-26

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