Week 2 Recap: Prayer & Faith

September 29, 2019 to October 5, 2019

The next step towards building a foundation in Jesus is to learn about prayer and how to have faith. In this week’s lesson, interns learned about forming a prayer life, the importance of faith, and how to build their faith.

Class lessons include teachings on the process of prayer, power of prayer, how to fast, combining fasting with prayer and more. Interns applied the basic principles of fasting the following week by participating in a corporate fast Monday through Wednesday.

The following interns share their favorite part of this week’s lesson along with a brief interview.

Name: Vlad Khripchenko

From: Pasco, Washington

What have you learned this week: My favorite lesson was about how God’s Word never comes back void. No matter what you pray or how you pray, it will always be answered.

Social Media: @vladkhripchenko

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: Just do it (even if you are local)! It’s a great experience to learn from other people that come from different backgrounds. It’s always good to surround yourself with a Christian community because they will help you grow your faith and support you through your doubts and insecurities.

Favorite part about internship: Establishing connections all over the world. There are people from different countries and ethnicities that help me learn more about their culture. I’ve also met many new friends and we‘ve shared a lot of fun moments.

Fun Fact: I like long boarding and the coolest place I have been to so far is Cancun.

Name: Alice Walker

From: Murphy’s Bureau, TN

What’ve you learned this week: Always be persistent in prayer or else nothing will change. Give worries to God and your life will shift. You have to keep praying until you see breakthrough.

Social Media: @a.m.walker007

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: If it’s been put on your heart to go, follow it through. Don’t delay your blessing. For example, before I left to come to internship, I doubted whether or not when to buy the plane ticket. Eventually, since I didn’t act quick in faith and in belief that I will have the finances to go, I bought the tickets at a time when the prices rose higher than when God prompted me to buy it. Always obey Holy Spirit!

Favorite part about internship: Obviously, God! But I also love the different setting (compared to Tennessee). I enjoy being in an environment with people on fire for Jesus and to see their heart be so authentic. I was really shocked by their genuineness because it made God more real to me.

Fun Fact: I am double jointed!

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