Week 4 Recap: Prophetic (Part 1)

October 13, 2019 to October 19, 2019

This week, interns learned about the prophetic, the office of prophet and the gift of prophecies given to every believer. Interns learned about the purpose of prophecy which is to encourage, edify, and comfort. This week was packed with many interns receiving powerful prophetic Words and also practicing their gift for prophesying through a series of exercises every day after class. They also attended a Prophetic Encounter event on Saturday held at Hungry Generation church. The event is held every three months and helped interns grow deeper in their knowledge for prophecy.

The following interns share their favorite part of this week’s lesson along with a brief interview.

Name: Will Maas

From: Vancouver, Washington

What did you learn this week?: We learned about how practical the gift of prophecy is and how much we need it to guide our lives as well as how to differentiate the voice of Holy Spirit from our own voice. Holy Spirit usually speaks to us right away because He’s simple. The second voice that comes into our head is most likely your voice and not the Holy Spirit. We know this because Holy Spirit speaks first and is most likely the first thought that comes to mind when we receive a Word for someone. But when we allow doubt to come in, we start second guessing the Word and visions Holy Spirit gives us.

Any advice for people interested in the HungryGen Internship?: If you’re coming from a strict religious background, which is my case a Slavic community, don’t let that hold you back from experiencing something new. Different doesn’t always mean bad. God doesn’t have limits and the Holy Spirit is very flexible.

Favorite Part about Internship: My favorite part about internship is being surrounded by the other intern guys who have a desire and hunger for the Lord like I’ve never experienced before. Becoming more intimate with Holy Spirit has become a lot easier since I am surrounded by a group of guys who also have the same, if not, more of a desire to pursue God. Also, they are uplifting friends who are positive examples in my life.

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 23:12

Social Media: @_willmaas_

Name: Avi Diwert

From: Manitoba, Canada

What did you learn this week?: When Prophet Joey Zamora taught a class this week, we learned how to prophesize to each other. We learned how to hear God’s voice and to use prophecies to empower each other. Prophecies should always present a solution with every problem and restore people’s relationship with God. Prophecies can appear through visions, dreams, and imaginations.

Any advice for people interested in the HungryGen Internship?: I would 100% recommend! I actually invited my friend, Will Maas, to internship so if you know anyone that’s interested in dedicating a season of their life to God; go together and experience this internship together. We are already 4 weeks into our internship and I have learned so much. Also, three months is not too long to take out of your time to invest in God and get closer to the Holy Spirit.

Favorite Part about Internship: Everything we are learning is very eye opening and the people you come across are awesome! I love the friendships and close bonds we share with each other. Everyone has unique testimonies that you can really learn from. Also, I really love that worship nights, life groups, and intimate conversations in the evenings really draw us closer to the heart of God.

Fun Fact: My mom is a singer and she has her own CD. Singing is a huge part of our family and I really enjoy it.

Social Media: @avi_diewert

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