Week 8 Recap: Dominion and Identity

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November 10, 2019 to November 16, 2019

After learning about demons and deliverances last week, interns deepened their knowledge about the spiritual realm through learning about their dominion and identity. Interns began the week with guest speaker and Pastor George Daviduk on learning about wisdom, hearing God’s voice, and about why God does things or allow events to happen. Throughout the week, interns learned about breaking mental strongholds, developing the secret place, soul wounds, and renewing the mind. This week, interns also began reading “The Blessed Life” by Robert Morris to receive revelational knowledge in tithing, offering, and sacrifice and its effects on all areas of a believer’s life.

The following interns share their favorite part of this week’s lesson along with a brief interview.

Name: Nelia Yakimiv

From: Cleveland, OH

What’ve you learned this week: I learned about my dominion and identity in Chrirst. I also learned of how Adam lost the dominion God gave us and gave it to Satan through eating the fruit. However, Jesus took the dominion from Satan and gave it back to us through His sacrifice on the cross. Now, we have a new identity through the cross and not a sin-filled identity.

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: If you’re a college student and you are debating whether or not you should go, I highly recommend you to go because you cannot go wrong with investing time into God. You will not regret this internship!

Favorite part about internship: My favorite part of internship is the morning prayers. I feel like I have gotten so much closer with God and developed a love for His word.

Fun Fact: My favorite snack is fried pickles.

Social Media: @nelia_yakimiv

Name: Angelica Kolesnikovich

From: Philadelphia, PA

What’ve you learned this week: This week our class learned about dominion and identity. When you know the truth, it will set you free and that truth breaks the strongholds the enemy has placed in your mind. Once you know your identity and who you are, the forces of darkness will run and you will see the glory of God in your life.

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: If you’re thinking about coming here or if you are worried about the cost; just pray about it. I really do recommend internship because I’ve gained so much knowledge here and the wisdom to apply this new information when I go back home. I also learned how to stay persistent in my community, church, and family with spreading the gospel. It’s not going to be easy but HungryGen has taught me how to keep the fire of God ablaze in my life and with God all things are possible.

Favorite part about internship: I love the people here! I have another family now. Talking with the other interns and hearing about their lives really inspires me. I love all of my friends here. Also, I volunteer at the coffee shop on Sunday and it has taught me a lot about working with people.

Fun Fact: I love Reese’s!

Social Media: @angelicakoles

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Email: internship@hungrygen.com

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