Week 7 Recap: Demons and Deliverance

November 3, 2019 to November 9, 2019

This week, interns learned about the demonic influences on the physical world and the practical steps of deliverance. Interns learned about different ways Satan can tempt and trap us in our daily lives through offenses, curses, legal rights and strongholds. In addition, interns were taught about bitterness and that the bait of Satan is offenses. During this week, interns also participated in Hungry Generation’s corporate three-day fast (that occurs at the beginning of every month). Fasting was one of the most powerful habits interns began adopting in the internship.

The following interns share their favorite part of this week’s lesson along with a brief interview.

Name: Paulius Mekionis

From: Lithuania

What’ve you learned this week?: This week I was learning a lot about deliverance and the demonic kingdom. I learned about the difference between demonic oppression and demonic strongholds. We learned how to expel particular demons in an instant and tearing down demonic strongholds might take more time because it involves our behavior and thinking patterns. I also learned the process of inner healing can help identify and solve demonic influences on ones life.

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: If you want to get grounded in biblical truths, be fully-packed with knowledge, trained, and experience Holy Spirit moving – you should be here.

Favorite part about internship: My favourite part about internship is all about divine connections. From the day we came until now, I feel like a part of a big family where everyone is so caring and loving (to interns) and in one way or another tries to meet and bless us in any way they can. I have never felt as welcomed and loved in my whole life. Thank God for this internship, where I’m learning how to receive.

Favorite Bible Verse: I Corinthians 4:9

Social Media: @paul_on_knees

Name: Gaby Perez

From: Hendersonville, NC

What’ve you learned this week: I learned about the difference between legal rights and strongholds. I learned that demons can enter into our lives through legal rights but we can create strongholds because we allow certain thought patterns and behaviors to occur. They become open doors (legal rights) for demons to influence us and build a home (stronghold) in our mindset, making it harder to remove.

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: Do it! This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so thankful God sent me here.

Favorite part about internship: Hands on experience. We get to pray for people and get to increase our faith by helping out with the community.

Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11-15

Social Media: @gabyyy_perez

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