Week 6 Recap: Guest Speakers

October 27, 2019 to November 2, 2019

This week, interns had the opportunity to learn from various guest speakers share about purpose, destiny, and how to defend their faith. Interns began the week with guest speaker Andrey Shapoval, sharing the message about accessing the kingdom of God after salvation. Then, pastor Vas Yarosh from Next Beginnings church taught the class about their destiny through his book “Destiny.” Pastor Vaas shared with interns about the importance of their destiny and practical steps to attain it. Interns ended the week with guest speaker Jon Ladines, founder and owner of Force Dynamics, about defending their faith through science and scriptural evidence to prove creation is the truth rather than evolution.

The following interns share their favorite part of this week’s lesson along with a brief interview.

Name: Daniel Sayevskiy

From: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

What’ve you learned this week?: My favorite part about this week’s lesson was learning about creation versus evolution. The guest speaker, Jon Ladines used science and many biblical references to prove creation. One of the coolest things I learned was that “the stars sing” (look up “Stars and Whales Singing How Great is Our God” by Louie Giglio!)

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship?: It is a game changer. The amount of knowledge and information you get is mind blowing. Also, Hungry Gen plugs you into the church so you get experience serving, preaching, praying on stage, and so much more. It is a great place to start or restore your relationship with Holy Spirit.

Favorite part about internship: There’s two. One of them is helping the homeless because we don’t have to preach with our words but with our actions. Also, we don’t have to share religious doctrines. We just talk and they will know us by the love, compassion, and time we share together. Second, power evangelism pushes me out of my comfort zone and use the things we learned in class to pray, heal, and show Jesus is real.

Favorite Bible Verse: Malachi 3:11

Social Media: @dan_sayevskiy

Name: Avital Gantyuk

From: Manitoba, Canada

What’ve you learned this week: Andrey Shapoval talked about how to not seek revival but to create and bring the revival with us. Before we were born, God saw a generation at a certain time and decided to make us with a purpose to impact that generation. We have a purpose to be the revival of God to our generation. I learned we are the answers and that God chose us to reach certain people that only we can reach in our social influence.

Advice for people interested in HungryGen’s Internship: You’re not gonna regret this! I love this internship! This internship is really life changing. My family and intern friends have told me how much I have already changed in such a short amount of time. I have already seen the blessing it has produced and taught me how to proclaim the promises God has for me in my life. Prepare yourself and be ready to take in a lot of information. God places so much knowledge in the Bible that I didn’t even know about!

Favorite part about internship: I would have to say prayer and worship. Even though the mornings are rough because I’m not used to waking up early, I still love how we start our day off with prayer. I also love that we feel the presence of God during worship. Lastly, I love to serve and worship with children every Sunday in Kidzone and Thursday at Kidzone Outreach.

Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 11:1

Fun Fact: I like to draw! Everyone thinks I get distracted by drawing in class but it’s actually a trick that helps me remember classroom materials.

Social Media: @avital.gantyuk

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