Why You Need to Do a 21 Day Fast?

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January the beginning of the year and millions of people around the globe are hoping that the year will be better than the last. People are busy making a new list of their New Year’s resolutions, making self-promises that may last for a few days, or weeks and if you push it, maybe for a few months. The truth is our self-will, our thoughts, actions, and way of living are controlled and chained to our flesh that lacks self-discipline with misaligned priorities. 

The number 21 has a significant meaning, you can find it in the book of Daniel, where prophet Daniel fasted for 21 days resulting in spiritual understanding, wisdom, favor, and better appearance (Daniel 1:11-12,15). Scientifically it takes 21 days to break or build a new habit. Extending your time of fasting to disconnect, detox, and spiritually rehab. This will bring a true transformation in your soul, spirit, and mind by silencing the noises of the world. 

Consecrate your year to God by starting with fasting, prayer, dedication, and seeking His face. When you do this, you tell God: “You are my priority and I trust Your promises.” Through fasting, we present ourselves as a living, holy and acceptable sacrifice to God. As a result, you allow God to unlock His perfect will for you, your family, community, and nation.” In Matthew 6:33 Jesus says, “…first seek His kingdom and his righteousness…” and when you come to seek His Kingdom, He will mark your year with His perfect and pleasing will.” 

This blog was written by Pastor Vlad

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  1. That’s a very good point. What about those who cannot fast? Or those whom fast, but not out of his will but their own earthly motivations? 21 days is a good time to reflect, and really rid the body of toxins, but not everybody is the same. The MessiYah already did the heavy lifting, we just need to carry our modern day burdens. I appreciate your good works, and may you be found in His favor at your appointed time. Thank you and have a wonderful afternoon.

  2. I am definitely inspired to do this 21 day day. It’s the middle of the year but I’m ready for a change. Ready to finally submit to the Lord the way He wants me to. Thank you Pastor Vlad!! I’ve been going to my trials lately and I just felt like Lord help me. I saw this on your website, I was looking for your next prayer line, and boom!! Just like that, the Lord was like. THIS…. This is your next step. The 21 days!! 💕💕

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