Why do demons come back with 7 more demons?

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The spiritual world is real. All physical problems have their roots connected to the spiritual realm. Demons wage war against humanity. We feel the pressure of that warfare everyday by the evil we see in the natural world. When it comes to spiritual warfare, demons and deliverance, Jesus is the best authority on this topic. I want to break down the misconception about demons coming back after deliverance with seven more wicked demons. 

Let’s look at these verses more closely.

“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man.” Matthew 12:43

Have you noticed it does not say, when the unclean spirit gets cast out of the man? Demons are not everywhere at once therefore, they move in and out of a person. That means the person mentioned in the scripture was not delivered. He was relieved from a demon. A person experiences a relief, not repentance. King Saul had that happen to him when demons came and left. When the demons would come back, his friends suggested to invite a musician to help him feel better. They should have invited a prophet or an exorcist to help him bounce back.

“Goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none.” Matthew 12:43

Demons do not live in dry places, but they do go through them. They live in wicked, defiled, or empty places. If you are dry spiritually or you are currently in your spiritual wilderness – don’t despair. Maybe, like Jesus, you feel tempted by the devil in your wilderness – don’t lose hope. The devil cannot stay in the dry place. He will go through it. He will pass through it. He is seeking for rest, so be aware and leave him no room by praising God, seeking God, and standing on his word even when you do not feel like it. You may feel tired, but remember the enemy is worn out. Continue to press in until you make the enemy restless by resting fully in God’s promise and love despite your current situations and feelings. 

“I will return to my house from which I came from.” Matthew 12:44

This indicates that the person whom this demon left, was the demons place of rest.  For example, when I travel, I leave my house for days or at times for a week. I always have a place to come back to, because it’s MY house. I am the owner of it. This is why I believe this person was not delivered and saved in Mathew 12, because a saved person is the property of Jesus. Demons do not have the authority to claim ownership or say “my house.” A saved person is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I do believe that demons can torment or oppress a believer, however, they cannot own them as I own my house. 

“And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order.” Matthew 12:44

This section, again, confirms that the person was not delivered and saved. The house is empty, swept, and put in order like, behavior modification. An external decoration is what human efforts and religion does by putting a suit on a corpse. Jesus came to bring resurrection and carries internal transformation. He fills us with his spirit. He occupies our house. Instead of sweeping our sin, he removes them. Salvation deals with a man’s heart first, not his behavior. Applying self-discipline to put your life in order will only work until the devil comes back. Your self-discipline has no power to withstand against his vile setups – only the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus can do that. 

“So shall it also be with this wicked generation.” Matthew 12:45

Demons coming back with 7 more demons happened to who? Read verse 45 again. The wicked generation is who it affects. No where did Jesus indicate that this happens to those who have been delivered and saved. It’s for those who have had demons leave them without complete expulsion. It is for the person who is not surrendered to Jesus and instead decorates their behavior. Demons come back worse than before, because at the core of that persons life there is wickedness. Wicked demons are drawn to wicked people. In Christ we are a new creation, a royal priesthood and children of God – not wicked. 

I believe when a person gets delivered, demons do come back to try to bind that person again. It’s like when Israel was set free from the Pharaoh and he returned to trap them back into bondage three days later. Israel was terrified. They thought that their freedom was not going to last. In fact they doubted that God had truly set them free after seeing the Pharaoh again. Nevertheless, God told them to march forward despite their fears and the Pharaoh coming close behind them. As they did so, Pharaoh drowned in the sea. That’s the future of every demon you have been delivered from that tries to regain control of your life. They will drown as you walk by faith. Don’t let the devil make you doubt your deliverance just because you are being tempted by the same issues as before. It does not mean you have not been set free. Even if you have fallen into the same sin – repent and get right back up. You are still righteous. You are still free. You are still victorious. Move forward to your promise land. 

The verses in Matthew 12 deal with people who have not been delivered and saved, but for those who are at the inability of demons and/or have experienced relief. They never let Jesus be the Lord of their life. They have provided change in some behavior, but have not experienced change in their heart by the work of Holy Spirit. At the root they are wicked and need total repentance and must put their faith toward Jesus. 

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This blog was written by Vladimir Savchuk.

Pastor Vlad is the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, an author of “Break Free” and “Single, Ready to Mingle” and a founder of free online school “Vlad’s School.” To download free e-books, sermon series, small group study guides go to vladimirsavchuk.com

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      1. What about when people who are delivered keep being oppressed Then they fall into the bad habit again later on but now its even worse for them to stop? Having more powerful demons coming makes sense. Apostle Kathryn Krick taught that demons do come back if we fall into nad habit again and do not repent and practice.
        There is still disagreement in the Body of Christ about deliverance and we are Entering WorldWide deliveranfe season these question should be clarified by revelations not just bible and our study

  1. Wow…what a revelation. Sometimes when one comes for deliverance at the prayer line…then go back home..and u face the same issue u are delivered from few days later.it’s easy to doubt that deliverance. But today after reading ur msg Vlad.. when u compared deliverance like Israelites coming out of Egypt … Its revelation to me!! Yes Jesus delivers but it’s now up to me to renew my mind and fill it with God’s word…I can’t expect to reach the promise Land with a slave mentality…I have to play my part.
    Thnks Vlad for this msg!! Thank u Holy Spirit for this revalation.

  2. Wicked demons are drawn to wicked people. In Christ we are a new creation, a royal priesthood and children of God – not wicked. – I’m confused, can Christians have demons or no? Because I read on another blog – Can Christians Have Demons? that even Christians still do have demons

    thank you.

  3. Beloved Pastor, blessed by the blog and keeping you in prayers so that God can use you greatly for winning million of souls.Would like to share few revelations as guided by the Holy Spirit from Matthew Chapter 12

    ” Devil is a liar and he runs a counterfeit church to degrade the power of gospel and the kingdom of God. He progresses his tactics and build his apostate church in the name of god only by wearing the robe of angel of light. He blinds the people in the name of religion and makes them comfortable with the godly activities to convince them as children of god and persuade them to judge the real plans of God.

    These symptoms are evident in Pharisees, whose eyes are blinded towards the real gospel of Christ. The spirit in them, the spirit of antichrist, judge the children of God as children of devil and telling the world that they use the powers of darkness. The same Pharisees judged Jesus in His time that He is having demons and casting out demons with Demonic powers. Devil knows that everyone in this world hate the name of devil and he won’t get the honor and worship if he addresses himself as a devil. So he tried the same trick with Jesus to present Him as an agent of darkness at the same time he acted as an agent light.

    Devil claims through Pharisees heart that Jesus possess powers of darkness and demons so that the people will start rebuke him and eventually kill him and hence his kingdom can be safe. At the same time, he is hiding in the Pharisees heart as a god and manifesting to this world as a god and get the desired worship and admiration. Pharisees and their children, who cast out devil in the name of god using powers of god was an eyewash and deception of devil, to make the people convince that they are doing with the powers of god. But in reality it’s the deception of devil to keep his kingdom intact, at the same time giving a feel to the whole world that godly work is going on through such activities.

    Jesus exposed the deception of devil by stating that devil is doing this in disguise. The spirit in Pharisees heart is dangerous cause we can identify them by their fruits. At the same time Jesus claiming that devil will never cast out his own armies of demons. Jesus says, Iam stronger than the devil and only I can cast out the demons with the power of God and establish the kingdom of God. Devil once again taking the position of god through Pharisees and progressing his tactics by doing some tricks and illusion which can’t manifest the kingdom of God.

    The real blasphemy what devil is doing is showcasing Holy Spirit as devil’s spirit so that people can hate the works of Holy Spirit in spirit filled churches. At the same time, he is performing his own tactics in religious churches as if real work of god is manifested there and lot of people are engrossed to join those churches thinking that they will get the real deliverance. It’s the biggest deception he planned inside these churches to move his kingdom and keep it intact without real deliverance, as they don’t receive any repentance and filling of Holy Spirit.

    Today also lot of churches are in this deception, and they doing everything in the name of god, casting out demons, healing and doing mighty wonders – but devil is working behind them. Jesus clearly telling that He never knows such people and they are not belonging to Him and His kingdom.

    The need of the hour is to expose the lie of devil like Jesus did, and boldly do the mighty works by the power of God and desire for a spirit filled church, break the kingdom of devil, raise the name of Jesus Christ among the nations as the true deliverer. Distinguish the pattern of devil and works of antichrist through religious rituals and by their fruits. Never support the Pharisee mindset and may the power of Holy Spirit enable us to hate what God hates.

    Keeping pastor in prayers and may God bless His ministry though you and the church

  4. Thanks so much for this powerful explanations of Matthew 12:43 – 45. I am busy preparing a deliverance message for a family that, I led to Lord early July 2020 and have committed myself to a 2hours weekly Bible studies and prayers. Last Thursday, I was really impressed with their growth and felt in the spirit of teach on deliverance and replacing the vacuum with the fruit of the Holy Spirit based on Matt 12 that I came across your wonderful teaching notes. Thanks so much as the LORD God our Heavenly Father continue to teach, empower and strengthen the Laborers that He has sent into His harvest according to Matt 9:37&38.

  5. So what would you say to somebody who was delivered, but fell back into sin, and is now in bondage much worse than before?

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