Say Yes to God

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The key to being used by God is surrender. Our love for God is shown by our obedience and our surrender to Him. When we obey the Lord, He uses us. When we obey the Lord, we see the lost saved, the sick healed, and the captives set free. Do you want to be used by God? Just say, YES.

Jesus, Do You Even Care?

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Have you ever wondered if all the work you are doing even matters? Do you feel that God doesn’t notice or care about the work you’re doing? It’s easy to get caught up in the wrong things. Where’s your heart today? Stay tuned as Liliya bring a powerful message highlighting the story of Martha – whom we can all relate …

Mind Wars

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Mental health is a serious concern in today’s society. Thoughts run rampant, anxiety is at a high, and it’s hard to not be overcome by your mind. Pastor Vlad shares a message that is sure to break off the lies, strongholds, and chains of our minds. He shares key steps in shifting your mindset. Take a listen now!

What does HELL Look Like?

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Watch as Bill Wiese explains about his vision of hell. On November 23, 1998 Bill had an out-of-body experience which falls under the classification of a ‘vision”. It was not a dream or a near death experience. The Lord chose to take him to hell in his spirit body. He had been a Christian for 28 years with a love …

Keep Watch

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We hear as believers we need to keep watch, but do you really know what it means to keep watch? To be vigilant? Listen as George Davidiuk shares a powerful message on being vigilant, about the times and the seasons we are on.

Overcoming an Orphan Spirit

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Pastor Vlad shares a powerful message that will surely shatter strongholds in your life. Lies from the devil are to be replaced with the truth of God’s word. Being an orphan is not your portion as a SON or DAUGHTER of God.