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God’s Not Dead

Our God is NOT dead – Jesus Christ rose again on the third day and DEFEATED death! Oh, death, where

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Abandoned Well

Pastor Vlad started new series “Digging Wells” where he explores how the enemy uses the cares of life to plug

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Struggle is Real

Pastor Vlad continued #BreakFree series with life changing message on STRUGGLING IS REAL. This message will help you to overcome

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Dating is like Driving

This week pastor Vlad preached powerful message to the youth about purity and standards. He used practical example of driving

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Keep Satan Out

Keep Satan Out

This week Pastor Martin shares with us how to keep the enemy out of our life. This is a timely

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Keys to Breakthrough

This week, Pastor Vlad Savchuk shares practical steps to breakthrough. As a christian we need to learn how to repent,

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Unlikely Heroes

This week, Vlad Savchuk shares a message on having a vision. Let go and let God. Give God wants us

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