Featured image for 'Soul-Winning Secrets'

Soul-Winning Secrets

This sermon emphasizes the significance of being attuned to God’s heart, particularly His deep concern for people. It stresses the

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Draw Near to God

The sermon, titled “Draw Near to God” by Vlad, explores the intentional steps believers must take to draw closer to

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Autoimmune Disease

Believers are urged to cultivate critical thinking over a critical spirit, recognizing that false accusations are part of their journey,

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Featured image for 'Assembly Required'

Assembly Required

Today’s message is a reminder that we are not merely individuals but a unified body—a church called to assemble and

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Featured image for 'Raising Warriors – Part 3'

Raising Warriors – Part 3

This message emphasizes the transformative potential of shaping world history together by raising children with a divine purpose. Bill Johnson’s

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Featured image for 'Lord Heal My Life'

Lord Heal My Life

God wants to restore your life, but do you know what that truly means? Check out this message as Pastor

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Potential > Position

Pastor Vlad continues the sermon series “Towels & Titles” where He speaks about how our value is not determined by

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Featured image for 'Find Your Shoe'

Find Your Shoe

Pastor Vlad continued his serious based from his book Single Ready to Mingle. He spoke about his experience in dating

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Featured image for '4 Lessons to Greater Marriage'

4 Lessons to Greater Marriage

This week Pastor Vlad continues new series #RelationshipGoals with message 7 years in the making titled “4 LESSONS TO GREATER

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Featured image for 'Jesus as a Savior'

Jesus as a Savior

This week Pastor Ilya continues the sermon series on Jesus with his message titled, “Jesus as a Savior”. In this

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Featured image for 'The Genesis Dilemma'

The Genesis Dilemma

This week, Glenn Fink shares about the Genesis dilemma. He shares how God created creation and the truth behind Genesis.

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Featured image for 'Unlikely Heroes'

Unlikely Heroes

This week, Vlad Savchuk shares a message on having a vision. Let go and let God. Give God wants us

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