Why we “TALK” to Demons?

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Is it okay to talk to demons? Why do your pastors ask demons questions during deliverance? These are a couple questions we get regularly.  There are a few things we must keep in mind. In the Bible, we are commanded to cast out demons – that requires speaking. To be clear, we are NOT encouraged to have conversations with demons. …

Who are Demons?

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Demons are fallen angels who serve Satan (Reference Revelation 12:8-9) Demons are called evil spirits, unclean spirits, familiar spirits, lying spirits and even angels of Satan.

Can Christians Have Demons?

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Demons are fallen angels who followed Lucifer after his defeat in heaven. They love to make either habitation in the lives of humans. The Bible does not specifically say that believers cannot have demons living in them. Many believe that if you are a real Christian, you cannot have demons; because they feel Jesus cannot live together with the devil …